What Is A Landing Page Design For? (7 Great Landing pages)

What Is A Landing Page Design For? (7 Great Landing pages)

What Is A Landing Page

When your in Affiliate Marketing or any business online there are several ways too market a product or service, but one thing you need too have is a way too grab the attention of your audience. One way to do this is with a landing page which leads through a sales funnel. I will explain why you need a landing page, if they work, what landing pages are good to use and my favorite landing page. Lets look at what is a landing page design for and why we need them.

Why Do You Need Them

Why do you need a landing page? Like I mentioned before, you need to grab the audiences attention and provide a direct easy to follow directions to what you are selling or promoting.

If you have your website and it is simply on a blog roll then it can get very confusing. You would have information all over the place and to many options for the customer too bounce out of your site or simply get distracted and lose focus of why they were there in the first place.

Landing pages are designed too showcase who you are and what you are promoting or selling. There are different types of landing pages and different functions of a landing page too. The most common use of a landing page is too lead someone through a sales funnel which means they would click on an ad you have which would take them too a capture page getting their email information for future marketing. After the capture page is finished usually you are directed to the landing page or sales page.

Landing pages and opt-in pages are similar, but if you are creating a funnel you want too start with the opt-in page on your landing page providing a “Lead Magnet” within your landing page. After the opt-in is completed it will take you too the offer, this is where you are showcasing your product or service too market to the individual.

Landing Page

Do They Work

The Answer here is how too make them work efficiently. Landing pages definitely work, but it is how you use them and how much traffic you’re driving to your page that will determine your success.

A good landing page can say a lot about you and your products or services. A clean and simple page can be more effective than one that is busy and all over the place.

To create a good landing page you should be flawless, persuasive, attention grabbing and lead you too completion or conversion of sale. It is proven that a good landing page will convert better at about 3X too 5X better than a website without one.

What Is A Good Landing Page (7 great Landing Pages)

There many landing pages you can choose to go with if you are looking to get into Affiliate marketing or any online business. Some of the best landing pages you can get for free, however they are limited in functionality.

Some of the best landing page software out there today are:


    • Instapage (allows you to create stunning, on-brand, mobile-responsive landing pages from one of 200+ templates. No developer needed.)


    • Unbounce (is the easiest way to build and test custom landing pages, website popups and sticky bars. Improve your post-click conversion rates and launch more campaigns, fast.)


    • GetResponse (allows you to create high-converting, mobile responsive landing pages.Generate interest, leads, and revenue for your business.)


    • Hubspot (makes a variety of tools for digital marketers and salespeople. They describe their marketing service as: everything you need too launch effective marketing campaigns that make people interested in your business and happy to be your customer. HubSpot is an enterprise marketing solution that has a low tier solution for creating landing pages.)


Try Leadpages for yourself!

    • Leadpages (allows you to easily build stunning opt-in campaigns that capture leads, convert customers, and integrate across all your favorite digital marketing tools: from Facebook ads to e-commerce. Easily fine-tune your campaigns for maximum impact by testing multiple versions side-by-side so you can keep what’s working and ditch what doesn’t.)


    • ClickFunnels (Clickfunnels allows you to sell any product online. You simply pick your sales funnel, pick your design and upload a few custom elements like a logo. Modify the page with a few drag and drop tools and your entire funnel is ready too roll.)


    • Elementor (With Elementor’s unique features, you can create websites that have that certain ‘designer touch’. Among our page builder features are: Box Shadows, Background Overlays, Hover Effects, Headline Effects, Animations, Shape Dividers, Gradient Backgrounds and much more.)

My Favorite

My favorite to use is Elementor and Click Funnels. Elemntor is in my opinion the best choice to create a landing page that is easy to build and affordable. Click Funnels is my next option because it is more of a sales funnel and it is pre-made for you to create. Both options allow you to build multiple pages for different promotions or sales you may have.

Click Funnels is more of a Marketing sales funnel and you can read more about them here by clicking this link

To checkout my sales funnel that I use when I make ads or market through social media you can click this link here

I use this link as an opt-in to capture emails for further marketing then once you submit your email it takes you too my landing page which promotes my number 1 learning platform (Wealthy Affiliate) to become a super affiliate. It teaches you everything I know now which I didn’t know 3 years ago.


At the end of the day, if you want to see conversions and make money in online marketing as an Affiliate or a drop ship business or anything dealing with sales online then you need a landing page. Landing pages are being used by all types of business from lawyers to private Doctors and Dentist to Plumbers and big corporations also use them.

It wasn’t always needed, but with the immense growth and popularity of internet marketing competition is everywhere and you need to stand out as a business owner and marketer if you want too be a success.

If you are just starting to learn about Affiliate marketing or creating an online business, but you still don’t know where to really begin. I have a solution for you to learn everything you need too know in a learning platform with thousands of like-minded individuals by clicking the banner below which is my invitation to you to join for absolutely free today. You will also receive 2 free websites to get you started just for joining.

If you have any questions or you are using a different landing page then what I mentioned please tell me in the comments below.

All the best

Aaron G.

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