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Get Started Here

Become an Affiliate Marketer

So you are here to get started in Affiliate Marketing or perhaps something else related to running an online business. You have come to the right place. I will give you the run down of 2 learning platforms which will teach you how to start your own business from scratch. Beginning to end.

Think of it as an online University to Affiliate Marketing or online business owning. By the time you finish one of these courses you should be up and running with a website, auto-responder, sales funnel, and a perfect sense of how to make money online.

I also have 1 program I will share with you which is for experienced marketers and for those who already know about online business and want to perfect what they have. So Let’s get started and become an Affiliate Marketer!

Wealthy AffiliateWealthy Affiliate

Why is Wealthy Affiliate my number one choice?

To put it simply I say this is my first option because it is what I started on first before I picked up more knowledge. Now not only is Wealthy Affiliate an amazing learning platform “Online University” for starting as a complete newbie, but it is also the only option I have found that is completely free to join in on. That’s right No C. C information to join and create a profile. They will even give you 2 free websites upon joining.

Now there are a ton of benefits to joining Wealthy Affiliate and I will tell you some here and also include a link to read another on of my posts which go into greater detail. Or you can simply go to their website at to find out for yourself, but I like to inform people before they get into it.

Even tho you don’t need to give any sensitive information to join it helps to know what your looking at before you commit to anything. Even a free profile.

Here are some of the benefits to joining for free, and I will go over some benefits to joining through the paid membership. Yes there is a paid membership. Trust me it is worth it and if you are actually serious with starting an online business you will have to pay something somewhere down the road.

First off what you get for free is the profile along with 2 free websites and access to a community of over 1.4 million members actively using the Wealthy Affiliate program to learn how to sell, market, build websites, brand, and anything else you could think of when it comes to Online businesses.

Upon joining for free you are given 2 weeks of special treatment to try out some of the premium features. You will get “just to name a few

  • Live help (First 7 days only)
  • Beginners training course (This is only the beginners training) more advanced training is reserved for paid members
  • Personal Affiliate blog (To post about your success and others will see this and be interested in joining too)
  • Affiliate Boot Camp training (This is the first phase of the training) this is great for promoting the Wealthy Affiliate program.
  • You can get paid to promote the program. (This is great because it is a earn while you learn platform)
  • Video walk through (Perfect for visual learners)
  • 2 Free websites (These are hosted for you through SiteRubix) and they are yours for life.
  • 1-on-1 coaching (First 7 days only) unless you become a paid member, then you have unlimited.
  • 2 Live training class rooms (This is in addition to the “Beginners training course”)

This is not all of it, there is more! and this is just for joining for free. I hope now you can see why this is my number one pick!

Now let me tell you about the paid members features like me. I will put a link RIGHT HERE JUST CLICK to all the benefits which I go over in another post. What I really want to talk to you about are the perks that come with it that they don’t tell you about.

  • Plug-ins (As a paid member you have access to thousands of free plug-ins for your WordPress site) usually these are paid for and can get really expensive, but not as a paid member.
  • Thousands of free themes to choose for you website. (Makes your site look more professional)
  • Access to all the members all the time. (This comes in handy being that you will have questions and want to make connections) Expanding your network is expanding your net worth.
  • You get everything mentioned above for the free membership but most of the things now will be unlimited.
  • Access to the owners (This is priceless)
  • Website feedback platform (This is perfect for getting input from other members about your site)
  • Website comment platform (This is great for gaining comments on your site which help you get better rankings)
  • You can get paid to leave comments on others sites through the program. (You won’t get rich doing this, but it helps)
  • You get paid 2x the amount than free members if you choose to promote the Wealthy Affiliate program.
  • Always up-to-date WordPress account through the program and there is a “site content” work space.
  • Annual “Las Vegas Trip” paid for by the owners themselves to top earners in the program. (You have to promote the program to be eligible for this all expense paid trip) It is Amazing!

So there are so many other benefits that come with becoming a paid member that it will make your head spin. The owners “Carson & Kyle” are amazing people who want to help people gain financial freedom and at the very least live comfortable lives.

Now with this said it does take a lot of work to accomplish the results of living with complete freedom and having the laptop lifestyle. It can be done and if you choose to join through this program I will be your personal mentor in addition to everything you get. Once you join I will reach out to you through the community platform and guide you along the way in what to do next.

It helps to have someone personal you can turn to and I’m happy to be there for you.

To join Wealthy Affiliate >>>CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED<<<

ClickBank UniversityClickBank University

I choose ClickBank to be the second option for getting started simply because I feel there is more value in Wealthy Affiliate. There is nothing wrong with The ClickBank University at all. I think it is great and I learned a lot from them, but continue reading to see what they offer in comparison.

Now if you are familiar with Affiliate Marketing then you might have heard of “ClickBank” which is a market place for Affiliate Marketers to promote products and services. This is absolutely free to sign up for and you can promote for free, however if you want to learn how to market and sell the products correctly there is “ClickBank University”.

This program is similar in a way to the Wealthy Affiliate program because it teaches you how to do a lot of the same things. There are a few differences between the programs which I will talk about here for you. I also have a post I will share with you that compares the 2 programs which you can CLICK HERE to read.

Both programs are great because they teach you the fundamentals of Affiliate Marketing and how to begin from scratch. The ClickBank program does offer a few more necessary tools which you can get directly through the program itself for a cost. I will list the benefits here.

  • Offers private interviews with big names in Affiliate Marketing (Good to watch for insider tips)
  • ClickBank offers a funnel system to buy with a walk through tutorial. (You will need a sales funnel, so this is good)
  • They also have a community which you could also ask questions (It is not as refined as Wealthy Affiliate)
  • Private live classes to ask questions (Great to speak directly with the owners) Wealthy Affiliate has live classes too.
  • They go over Email Marketing in detail. (This is essential in following up) The fortune is in the follow up.
  • They have short video tutorials to guide you. (Visual aid is great, but Wealthy Affiliate gives more information)
  • They offer the program for an affordable price, but it is 2x higher than Wealthy Affiliate.(Remember that this is a program that has different options to succeed within)
  • A market place is available. (This is great to either do direct sales or set up a funnel with email marketing)
  • You can either learn at the pace which is spread over weeks, or at your own pace. (This helps if you are a quick or slow learner)
  • Extra tools to help you (They talk about other tools to help you grow in Affiliate Marketing)
  • Social Media tips (If your going to start an online business you are going to want to learn how to leverage social media)
  • There is a ClickBank YouTube channel. (This come in handy to learn little extras you may have missed)
  • They have downloadable PDF files to keep for learning off-line.

In addition to all the benefits offered they still have more, but this course is NOT free to join. Only the ClickBank Market place is free. The program can cost anywhere from $89 a month to a few hundred “which is 0 refundable within 30 days depending on what package you choose with which tools you want to include. You could always start at the lower cost and add the funnel system later. They also have a “Done for you package” this is almost a business in a box. They do not provide you with a website. Nor do they tell you how to start one from scratch which would not make it personalized like how Wealthy Affiliate does.

In my humble opinion I enjoyed learning from the ClickBank University, but I feel you can learn the same things through the Wealthy Affiliate program and get even more at a reasonable price. Especially starting with NO MONEY DOWN.

To get started with ClickBank University you can >>>>CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED<<<<

Where to go from hereWhere to go from here

Well I have two choices you can take from here. You can either go to Wealthy Affiliate or ClickBank University and start from the beginning if you know nothing about marketing and online businesses. Or you can go to Kartra if you know something about Affiliate Marketing and running an online business, which if you do know something you’re probably already doing it and in this case Kartra would be a great tool for you to use.

Now if this is your first time running an online business then I have some things to say to you.

This is NOT a get-rich-quick scheme. Now if that is what you want you are in the wrong place. You will not make buckets of money overnight. And that goes for any online venture. You simply will not make tons of money instantly, that shit does not exist. STOP LOOKING FOR IT.

These are learning programs and are designed to be used for serious people looking to better their situation. Working online and making good money to live a comfortable life takes hard work and dedication. If you are not willing to put in the work then this might not be for you. Too many people want something for nothing and that also does not exist. People who have products and services like these are looking to make money, and people who market them like me are also looking to make money. I do make a commission if you decide to opt-in to anyone of these links and join.

So with that said YES there will be some form of payment, maybe not right now or even within a month, but there will be a payment eventually. This is how business works, and if you are serious about starting your online business you should understand that. I don’t want to come off too harsh. I only want you to know and understand that running an online store or coaching program or even a blog will cost you money to do so.

There are fees to buy the domain name, monthly service fees for training because you know nothing about internet marketing. There are fees to have an email auto-responder to capture leads and follow up. This is not going to be free or cheap. Is it affordable? yes absolutely. Should you pursue this if you have No job and are struggling to pay your bills on time? NO definitely not. You need to know what your priorities are first. This is a business venture which could take years to craft. You will probably fail a few times and it’s OK. You learn from your mistakes and only get better in the process.

So to all the people who are looking to get-rich-quick I am sorry this is not it, and if you find it let me know. LOL

This is an honest way to learn how to make money online. I always say you have to invest in yourself to become successful. You need to put not just money, but time into learning your skills to be not just good, but great at what you do. This is a tough market and there are people out there who have years of experience. They are also making tons of money because they took the time to invest in themselves. I recommend you do the same.

Let’s BeginStart

So if you made it this far it shows me that you are pretty serious to learn about starting your own online business. That’s great news, so Let’s begin by choosing which program you want to start with first. Again I would start with the Wealthy Affiliate program. Now, if you do start with them, I want to tell you the first thing you need to do after joining is to fill out your goals and create a profile. After you have your profile made you can start your training (The first phase) this will show you how to set up your first website for free. Building a website sounds scary, but it really is quite simple. Everything is visual so you don’t have to worry about coding.

The best part about creating your own website is to make it personalized to your liking and needs. Another thing which you will benefit from is once you join the Wealthy Affiliate program I will be your personal mentor that you can turn to and ask questions. So to begin just >>>CLICK HERE<<<

To join ClickBank University you can>>>CLICK HERE<<<

Now if you want to learn more about Affiliate Marketing and would like to read other posts about what I wrote you can>>>CLICK HERE<<< and go through my posts to become for familiar with what these marketing tools are.

If you have any questions please leave them below and I will be happy to reply. I wish you all the best and hope to see you soon.

A. Griffin (Griffin Lifestyle)

“Actions Lead To Results”

Aaron and Tini Griffin

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