How To Escape From You’re 9 To 5

How To Escape From You’re 9 To 5

To make money online is a reality not just a dream you just need to know where to start. Research shows that 80% of Americans hate what they do for a living, so why do it? Well the answer is simple “security” People have been brought up to think in an institutionalized way through the work force. You go to school and get good grades, you make it into a good college and take out student loans to hopefully get a job you like. Unfortunately only 27% of the people who graduate college get the job they want. And 83% of people who graduate college DO NOT have a job lined up once they graduate. Sure a small percentage of the one’s waiting for their dream job finally get it, but this could take years before getting hired for that job. Let me show you how to escape from you’re 9 to 5.

How to start an online buisness

First You Need A Business Idea Or Niche

Having a unique business idea is fundamental in starting your very own online business or blog, this way you stand out from the crowd or always have something interesting to write about. When you create a blog it is good to choose a niche that is not too broad. You could brain storm ideas with friends or go online and see what’s trending in the market place, but be careful with trends because some of them can die out fast, that’s why its called a trend. Now once you have the idea in mind the next step is putting it into ACTION.

Taking ACTION is the only way you will ever become successful in any online venture because actions lead to results. You could sit around all day thinking about what you want to do and never really do a thing. You are going to need a website that is pretty much a given. Without one, you have NO ONLINE BUISNESS. I am an Affiliate Marketer and I make commissions on everything I sell through my websites, its how I make a living. They have Affiliate Marketing for everything like Amazon, EBay, Shopify, Affiliate Marketing Programs, literally everything. You probably do not know this, but that watch you bought online or the pair of shoes you got through Shopify is probably paying out a small commission to an Affiliate of which owns the website you bought those items from. This brings me to the next topic.

Where Do I Get A Website?

There are tons of options out there for someone looking to start an online store or business to build a website. You could go on GoDaddy or you can build a drag and drop site through Shopify. You could hire someone like myself or a freelancer to build you a site. You could buy a domain then register it on WordPress. Another option is to learn how to build one through coding and HTML, but this is a more intricate way of building from scratch. I recommend joining an Affiliate Marketing Program like the one I’m part of to learn how to build a great website with themes and all the bells and whistles already included for you. They teach you the fundamentals for building a great site and offer a network community of like-minded individuals who are there to help you along the way.Wealthy Affiliate

Think of it as a University for website building with teachers and classmates all there to help you succeed. If you would like to learn more about this program you can go to Wealthy Affiliate and start today for free with no credit card required to join. You fill out a profile and get started on the first lesson with 2 free websites with hosting available for life. Now all good things come at a cost. Right? Nothing in life is truly free or at least completely free. So this will bring me to my next topic.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Business?

Now this all depends on who is building the website for you and what type of website you want. To have a domain or a GoDaddy website it could be relatively cheap, but remember the saying “it is cheap for a reason” building a site is like laying out your plan for business in digital form. You are going to want to have layers to it or “pages” the more pages you add to a ready-made website the more expensive it could cost. You could have a freelancer build you a site, but unless you have a product in high demand or a company with a large budget this could cost in the thousands to design for you.

I recommend building a site through WordPress which is free to use, but you need to know how to use it. It is great for writing and creating content and there are plugins available to install that can really make a difference in the look and user experience. This brings me back to Wealthy Affiliate and what is offered through this learning platform. They have a FREE starter option which offers the first lesson for free and 2 free websites through SiteRubix to work off of. They offer the hosting for you with site protection and site speed all through WordPress. The SEO tool JAXXY which is an amazing tool to find the keywords needed to get ranking is also part of Wealthy Affiliate. This program offers a huge network of people to help you along the way with many lessons to tech you step by step on how to get your site built from the ground up with no coding involved.

After you join for free and fill out your profile at Wealthy Affiliate you are given an option to further you’re training and become a paid member. The cost for this program is pretty cheap at a monthly cost of only $49 per month. There is even an option to pay for the whole year at $349 which is going to save you almost half the cost if you go for the year. I recommend this, but you can always opt-in for the year at any time. To see all the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate checkout this review I wrote.

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Is It Right For Me?

This is a great question to ask yourself, Is starting an online business or blog right for you? Well I can say this if you are tired of working day in and day out at job you really do not like for money that is spent before you even see it, then yes I think it is right for you. Will you see overnight success and be able to quit your job the next day after joining the Wealthy Affiliate program or even starting a website? NO WAY I would not do that, but I will give you some hope. There are people all the time, myself included who have found a better way to live by doing what they love.


Success does not come overnight not for most at least, so I do not want you to think this is a “get-rich-quick” thing. If I was advertising it as get-rich-quick then I would say RUN!! This is a true learning opportunity with the right ideas and a lot of hard work could get you from point A to point B. Wealthy Affiliate offers a learning platform to teach you a new skill you may not know you posses. So is it write for you? Well I say join up, because it is absolutely free to do so with NO CREDIT CARD needed to fill out a profile or even receive your 2 free websites, and give it a try. You will know if it is right for you once you give it a try.

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I wish you all the best in everything you do and look forward to seeing you in my network at Wealthy Affiliate. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. We never share your email with anyone it is a field required simply so that I know I have a question or comment waiting to be replied too. All the best.

Actions lead to Results – Aaron G.





2 Replies to “How To Escape From You’re 9 To 5”

  1. Hallo there Aaron,

    I have a 9 to 5 job that is really starting to make me feel bored. Things here in the office are not going well, cases and other difficulties I find very unnecessary.

    I am ready to get started with the online business and start making money from home. Do you recommend I quit my job so that I can focus on the program? I have got enough savings to take me through a whole year.

    1. Hello Dave,

      I do not recommend you quit your job especially if you do not have enough savings. I recommend you stick with the program and continue to grow your website while working your 9 to 5. It is clearly stated in the blog that I do not recommend anyone to quit their job. This program is great for learning while you earn and it does take time, but it is worth it because when you do make enough money through your site you will be empowered. You will have accomplished something great. So hang tight and continue to work until you are comfortable in quitting the 9 to 5. 

      I wish you all the best Dave. 

      Aaron G.

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