Learn How To Make Money While Sitting On Your Couch

Learn How To Make Money While Sitting On Your Couch

How do I Make Money From Home??

There are many ways to make money from comfort of your own home. The best way is through Affiliate Marketing, but what is Affiliate Marketing you ask?

Allow me to explain:

Affiliate Marketing is when you promote a link to a product or service and each time this product or service is sold you receive a commission. This commission could be small or huge depending on what you are trying to promote. Large items are called “Big ticket sales” they can be expensive products or learning programs, which I found is the best to promote.

Why are learning products the best to promote? The reason is simple. You can receive reoccurring commissions every month for this service you are promoting. This means you are doing nothing to make the second, third or fourth sale, yet you are still getting paid!

Do You Need A Website To Make Money Online?

The short answer is NO you do not. However, I highly recommend you have one.

Why is this you may ask? Well, If you have a website you can give more information about the product or service you are trying to promote thus building a good relationship with the people who visit your website on a daily basis.

You can easily grab a link from Click Bank and purchase ads to market said product or service without a website, but there are drawbacks to doing this. Many social media sites like FB and Instagram are against the promotion of just a simple affiliate link, so they will not approve your ad. If you have a website your ad will most definitely be approved and you can offer more information to the customer.

Another reason having a website is beneficial to you is so that you can create sales funnels. Do you need them to create a sales funnel? NO but you do need the website to create automated email lists for email marketing and the sales funnel helps in that.

So in short, Do you need a Website? NO

Should you have one? Yes

Click the words in blue to read more about the topics discussed. I have tons of information for you to go through here on my website completely free for you to better yourself in becoming an online success.

Is This Easy To Learn How To Do?

Anything is easy to learn how to do if you have the proper training.

When I first joined the Wealthy Affilate Program I knew nothing about Affiliate Marketing or what is involved. I didn’t have a website and was terrified this wouldn’t work. Now 3 years later I am still with the same program and I have traveled, quit my 9 to 5 jobs and consistently make money every month over and over again like clockwork.

This is the best time to start learning too. With the way things are in our world we need to know how to make extra income from home. You can learn step by step how to create your own website and how to get everything you need to become successful.

It was a little overwhelming in the beginning but as time went one I learned more and everything came together. The best part about the Affiliate Marketing program is that its not just a learning program. It is a community of like-minded individuals with the same goal in mind as you, to makes a better life for yourself and your family.

For some people it has been life changing! There are people in the community who are making six figures and now mentor and teach how to become an online success. That’s something I am working on myself.

Anyone can do this, but you MUST have the determination and work ethic in mind to want to learn and grow to become successful. IT WILL NOT FALL IN YOUR LAP!! Anyone who says you can make thousands of dollars in a week, month or sometimes even a year is lying to you. This is a process, like everything in life. This is also something you can do part-time until you are comfortable quitting your jobs and working on full-time like I have done. It took me about a year and a half to reach a level of comfort where I didn’t need to work the 9 to 5.

Think about that. You can dedicate your spare time to learning a new skill that can replace your boring or frustrating jobs and live the life you deserve. I worked on this program learning and building my website just a few hours a day and now most of the time I am relaxing with my family. EVERYTHING is automated for me.

Is Building A Website Hard?

Actually NO it is very simple.

The website which is integrated into the learning program is done through WordPress which is probably the easiest to learn while still giving you a professional look. There are thousands of themes to choose once you are a premium member and the starter free joining website has a few generic themes to choose from which is still nice to learn from.

The learning program will literally hold your hand and walk you step-by-step in getting started. There is also a “create content” tab you can use to write your content before it is published online to WordPress. It is very helpful with all the tools you need to write your marketing pitch for the product or service you are trying to get sold. And trust me the spell check and grammar check is very handy. The “add link” button also is needed to link words to other pages or websites you may have.

Read my post on Content Is King Here!

Is This A Free Program?

First off I hate the 4 letter word “FREE”. Anything worth anything in this world will cost us something, am I right?

So, I will say this… It is Free and Not Free. WAIT!!! Let me explain.

It is free to create a profile and then you get 7 days of free access to look around and ask questions, you can checkout the learning classes and even start building your very own first website! FOR FREE!! There are other perks that come along with joining.

Now let me explain what’s not free.

You get your first week free, within this week you will have an option to join the paid membership for an insanely low amount of only $19 your first month. This is the lowest I have seen for the amount of information you will get and the amount of benefits you get along with personalized help from not only the members in the community, but myself and the owners are available too to answer any questions you may have.

After your first month it’s a monthly or annual paid option. WAIT!! DON’T GO!! Hear me out.

After the first month you have an option to pay month by month or annually, that’s what I do. It is way cheaper to do the annual payment and it’s just a smarter decision money wise.

Now why pay for this!? you are probably asking yourself… The easy explanation is this, Would you go to college to learn a life skill or become a professional in a field for free? No you wouldn’t you would pay. Maybe this isn’t the best example. Let’s try this, If I told you that by learning this new skill which could potentially make you a more financially secure and happy person, wouldn’t that be worth something?

The amount of training and the free websites, YES Websites you receive along with the web hosting you get and the Optimaztion Key Word tools you have which come along with the paid membership and many, many, many other tools provided has to cost something. If you don’t pay and join for free that’s fine you can do that. You DO NOT need to provide a Credit Card when joining the program, you only need to provide a form of payment if you choose to become a premium member. Did I mention you can also pay through PayPal.

There is so much to offer that I can’t post it all here, but you can click the links in blue which take you to other posts I have written to learn more about the benefits of joining and if it is right for you.

Sounds Good! How Can I Get Started?

If you are hungry to make money, to change your life, to learn a skill you can take anywhere in the world! Then it is simple. All you have to do is click the banner below or this link right here to take you to the homepage where you can learn about the learning program, company, and how it works. You can then join for free with no credit card need to join and try it out for a week. If it’s for you then you have the option to join the premium membership, if not then that’s fine too, I wish you the best.


4 Replies to “Learn How To Make Money While Sitting On Your Couch”

  1. Thanks so much for sharing a great article to read to help many to know how anyone can create an affiliate marketing website to start working from home on a topic they want to talk about, with the idea to help others. As the world is changing right now, many are looking to work from home and make a full income from it, I signed up to Wealthy Affiliate a few years ago, today I have my niche site up and doing great, I can share how helpful Wealthy Affiliate has been for me, as I started knowing little about how to create and build up a website to make an income from it, and look at me, here I am!. I thank you also for writing this article, it makes clear how to work on affiliate marketing and how it works, I’m sure you will be helping many as they sign up to Wealthy Affiliate you get you as their personal coach!

    1. Hello Alejandra,

      Thank you for your reply! Yes the learning process of Wealthy Affiliate is easy to understand and I wouldn’t be with them for 3years if it wasn’t and of course if I wasn’t doing so well with my websites. It is great that you can turn your passion into a profit through niche marketing. I wish you all the success in the world!  

      all the best and please follow me on my network. 

      actions lead to results! 

      Aaron. G

  2. Building a website is definitely the way to go in order to build a sustainable income online and Wealthy Affiliate is one of the best platforms to get started on. It’s very beginner-friendly and I particularly love the way the community shares golden bits of SEO info from time to time that can help propel our site further. Highly recommended!

    1. Hello Riaz, 

      thank you for taking the time to comment. I totally agree with you on your comment, Wealthy Affiliate is the best way to go when building a substantial income online. The assistance you receive is bar none the best from any other platform out there. I wish you all the best and much success! 

      Actions Lead To Results 

      Aaron G. 

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