What Is SEO Optimization

What Is SEO Optimization

SEO And Why We Need To Do It

What is SEO optimization?

If you are starting out in an online business or you have a brick and mortar business and want people to find you then you need to know about SEO.

What is SEO Optimization?

This is where you optimize specific keywords and phrases to allow Googles algorithm to help index your website or blog post/page within Googles or any other search engine’s library of pages. People who are looking for a specific product or service will type in the “keywords or phrases” into the search bar and if you are indexed well then you will appear hopefully on the first page.

Lets take a look at what SEO optimization is and how to apply it in our websites.

The Best Way To Learn SEO what is seo optimization

First off there are many ways to lean SEO optimization and in my opinion the is no one best way to learn how to optimize your website/pages and blog posts.

Now the first way to learn is through online courses and training, you can take courses to learn the best ways to optimize your sites. Another way to learn is by doing, good old trial and error. The algorithms are always changing with Google, but the way to get indexed and ranked remains the same.

Learning on YouTube is another great way to lean and I think Miles Beckler has amazing training content on this topic.

There are other forms of learning platforms in which you can learn everything you need to be the best in Search Engine Optimization. Go checkout JEJ Search Engine Journal to see some of the best SEO training and tips.

Why Is SOE Important For Your Online Success

This is obvious…

If you have an online business or a website and you’re providing services or promoting a product for your business then you want to reach the masses.

Now when it comes to organic traffic you need to know about Search engine optimization or you could pay a service if you have deep pockets. I always say it is better to learn about what you are doing so you have an upper hand and could teach other people, but that’s just me. When we are optimizing our website or pages and posts what we are doing is showing Google or any other search engine that what we have to show or say is relevant to what people are looking for. This means we need to provide relateable words or phrases that will be typed in.

This is Keyword research, and there are many ways to do this either free or using a paid tool or service. I will get more into the tools for SEO in a minute, but first lets talk more on why you need to optimize your site.

When you go to Google and look for something what do you usually do after typing in the keyword or phrase? Usually you would scroll through the first maybe second page and click on a post that is relevant to your search. Now with that in mind I want you to put yourself in the shoes of the person searching for you…

If you are ranked on the 5th page chances are your information, company, product or service will never get seen.

This is why it is important to learn about or have your site and post optimized the best you can for traffic. No traffic to views, no views no money. Its that simple...

Another reason why SEO is important, is for you to become an authority in your niche. If you to not know what a niche is checkout my post on “what is a niche”

Now that you know it’s important to optimize your site, let’s see what tools work best and what you need to apply the best SEO to your website.

Tools For SEOwhat is seo optimization

There are a ton of services out there that teach you how to do the best SEO work, and then there are services that do it for you if learning this kind of stuff is not your thing. If you want to find a service or company to pay for your SEO work then you can do a simple Google search on SEO services.

You can find free services and paid services to help you to get that number one ranking through SEO.

What paid services will do for you is great if you simply do not have the time to research and create the content to get the proper ranking. It could cost quite a bit and unless you have the income to put towards the paid services, I recommend learning the skill yourself. This way you have complete control over your content and your success, but that is just me. I like to learn about this stuff and it helps me grow in my business of helping others.

So one of the best publishing platforms for SEO is WordPress which is very SEO friendly, so I recommend you get yourself a WordPress account and be sure to have a secure site link, like a https: this is preferred when publishing SEO content.

Keyword research tools are important to use when you want to optimize your site and one of the tools I use is Jaaxy. This is a paid tool, but I get it included in my learning platform that I have a membership with. The cost for the tool is not too much, but it made more sense to pay for the learning platform membership and get the keyword research tool for free. There is a free Keyword tool you can checkout if you like called “Keywords Everywhere” this is an amazing tool and I highly recommend you try it.

I will discuss the learning platform I am a member with towards the bottom of this post in case you would like to check it out for yourself.

SEO Keyword Rankingwhat is seo optimization

When it comes to ranking with a search engine there are a few tips you want to keep in mind for SEO keyword ranking.

The first thing you want to do is research are your phrases and keywords through a research tool to find the best click through rate of a word and to find its competitors along with many other factors I will try to cover here for you. There is literally a ton of information on this topic and it will probably have to be covered in sections. I did provide you with a link to a YouTuber that puts out amazing content on all subjects of internet marketing. I recommend you check him out.

His link is above “Miles Beckler”

You need to understand content is king when it comes to ranking. If you can out do your competitor with strong ranking keywords and good content, I think you will do well. When it comes to word count you want to do no less than 1,000 words per post. However, if the post that’s in the number one spot has 3,000 words then you should really try to do more.

Relevance and flow are another important factor with ranking. Google wants to see your content flow well and has relevance to the topic you are talking about. Linking is also important, for example; If you could get a back link to a popular website your chances of moving up the ranking ladder increases. Another trick is to interlink your content or posts with relevance to one another.

Images and putting the ALT text is important to ranking, as-well-as videos and Pinterest or other forms of social media. Google likes to see that you are creating an authoritative position on the topic in which you are posting or the product you are reviewing.

Adding the keyword or phrase to your title, H1 and topic headlines all help with your ranking. Making sure your URL Slug has the Keyword in will definitely help too. As you can see there is a lot of time and effort which go into ranking and finding the best words to rank, but when you put the time and effort in, the results can be life changing.

How Do I Get Started

One way to get started is to begin the learning process and gain some useful knowledge on SEO optimization. Take a course and ask questions. Watch videos on the best way to leverage optimization and take notes. There are many tricks to SEO and some work amazingly and some not at all. The algorithms are constantly changing and what might work today might not work tomorrow.

There are learning platforms which can teach you all about starting your own online business, building an amazing WordPress website, and gaining all the knowledge and tips you need to succeed. It’s the one I started with called Wealthy Affiliate…GET STARTED HERE

I recommend giving them a try…

It is free to join their online Affiliate community and create a profile. They even give you 2 free websites which are hosted through siterubix just for joining. They offer a premium membership at an insanely low cost with all the training you would need to be a super Affiliate making a passive income from anywhere with an internet connection. To check out more on Wealthy Affiliate click the link to learn more. It’s free to join and NO CREDIT CARD required to start the free membership unlike many other sites that do the same thing.

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