What is an Autoresponder

What is an Autoresponder

What Is An Autoresponder

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When you start a website or you get into any kind of marketing (especially email marketing) you will want to build a customer or client list. This is a list of potential buyers that have opted-in to your newsletter or email subscriptions providing them with either updates or information on the product or service in which they are seeking. This is important in building a relationship with them. Not only to gain trust, but to also inform them of deals, specific info, tips and tricks, or anything you want them to be aware of. Most importantly it is to guide them through a series of clicks which should inevitably take them to that sale you are looking for. Now lets look a little more at ‘what is an autoresponder’.

Email Autoresponder Software

Email autoresponder software is used to capture names, emails, phone numbers, zip codes, or anything you want from your potential client/customer. It is usually captured through a landing page or sales funnel which is either the first page someone goes to or it could be a “pop up” window. This allows people to put there information in to be notified of future information or it could be given for what is called a lead magnet. A lead magnet is something you offer your client/customer in return for their email or info.

When you use email autoresponder software you are building a list of potential buyers to broadcast emails to which prompt the person to click. After clicking, they are either brought to information on a product or service or brought to an POS (Point of sale). I usually recommend sending out a few emails before getting to the actual offer of sale. This helps build trust and authority within your niche.

The software you choose is going to be an important decision in how you build your opt-in and also how many subscribers you can host at a given time. Depending on how much you pay for your autoresponder service will determine how big your list can be. There is free autoresponder services you can use, but some of them might not be compatible with your landing page or sales funnel software.

Building Your Email List

I mentioned ‘building your email list’...what is an autoresponder

This is going to be key in your success and for several reasons. The first reason is so you can market to your future buyers over and over again. Provided they do not buy on the spot (most won’t) you can have them in your list to broadcast an email with a series of follow-ups to further push your agenda. Another great reason is building trust with them and re marketing future products or services down the line.

Once, you have a big enough list you can (split test) your email marketing campaigns to see which ones convert better and this is how you start to become successful. Once, you have found the right email with the right (copy writing) that converts to sales you can duplicate the results. One of the final reasons I will share with you of building your email list is to re-sell your lists or sell solo leads. This can bring in a decent amount of cash if your list is large enough. Mind you these are targeted leads looking for specific products or services. (BTW your not actually selling your list) you’re allowing other marketers to promote their products or services to your list. You still keep your list.

Opt In Email Marketing Services

When it comes to opt-in email marketing services there are a ton of them out there to choose from. When you’re choosing an opt-in service you’re usually getting a landing page or an opt-in form with it. This is great for direct marketing or strictly email marketing especially if you don’t have a fully formatted website, but rather Ads built with a link to a sign up form. AWeber allows this function where they will actually host your sign-up form for you and all you have to do is send traffic to the link.

There are also fully automated services that do a bit of everything for you. Things like email list building to autoresponding, landing pages, opt-in forms, shopping carts, and even website connectivity. The one program that has all of this and so much more is called Kartra. This is an all-in-one shop for any Marketer/ online business owner who wants to take his business to the next level of automation.

You can checkout a full review on Kartra by clicking the link here.

If all you want is a simple email autoresponder with an opt-in form then I suggest checking out AWeber or Get response. Both are great, there is also a free plug-in for WordPress you can use called SumoMe and they offer list building with an opt-in form, but the free version is not an autoresponder.

Email Conversion Rate

Many people always ask what’s your email conversion rate? what is an autoresponder

I say it depends on the email I send and the Ad I’m running with the product or service I’m promoting. All of these factors play a vital role in figuring out what your conversion rate is or will be. Another thing to take consideration for is split testing your Ad’s and email campaigns. You may have an amazing conversion rate on one product or service one day and the next it is completely dead. Or one thing might work better than the other and this is why I say you should always test and tweak to make it right for you.

It could be the difference of making money and losing money. Another piece of advice I would like to whisper in your ear is this…”write your data down”

Follow you data, you have heard the expression “numbers don’t lie” right? Well, in this case they most certainly do not. If you can follow some of this advice and find what truly works for you, I believe you can be successful in email marketing using and autoresponder and an opt-in or landing page/ funnel.

Learn More!

Would you like to learn more on marketing or building funnels and copy writing? I have an opportunity for you to learn all of this and more through ClickBank University. This program will teach you what you need to be successful in email marketing and funnel building. They also teach you about copy writing and more.

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How about an email automation set up to start building your list? AWeber is perfect for that and it integrates easily with any program on the market. Get your first month on me! Free to try for a month

Don’t know anything about online marketing or Affiliate Marketing or just a complete newbie to the online business world? Don’t worry at Wealthy Affiliate you can learn step-by-step with the support of thousands of like-minded individuals at the ready to help you out. This program is completely free to join with no Credit Card up-front. There is a 2 week all access pass to try some premium features.

Are you a seasoned marketer and have been around with possibly your own product to sell? Then I highly recommend Kartra… This is a one stop shop for everything. Check it out and get a full access 2 week pass for $1

If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below and I will be happy to answer them. Have you ever used an automation? Does it work for you? What’s your favorite? Leave your comment down below.

All the best!

Aaron G (Griffin Lifestyle)

“Actions Lead To Results” 

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