Legendary Marketer V.S. Wealthy Affiliate

Legendary Marketer V.S. Wealthy Affiliate

Lets take a look at two of the fastest growing Affiliate Marketing learning platforms out there!

So you may have heard of one or the other. You may have heard of them both, but if you have did you try one of them? Lets checkout the two programs and which one might be right for you. Legendary Marketer V.S. Wealthy Affiliate. You be the judge.

Wealthy Affiliate

I chose Wealthy Affiliate first because it is my number one pick. I like the way everything is laid out for you and the never ending education they offer. There are a lot of benefits that come with joining Wealthy Affiliate. The biggest incentive to join is that it is free to create a profile and join the platform. The other incentive is upon signing up you receive 2 free websites along with training on how to build and customize them.

Build profit ready websites

There are a ton of incentives to joining and through my experience you can learn everything you need to learn with the company. I am going to go over a few of the benefits which are offered and if you would like to read my full review on this company you can click the highlighted link here to read more.

Some of the benefits to joining include:

  • 2 Free websites just to join up which are yours for life.
  • Video walk through to teach you how to set up your websites
  • Beginner training and Bootcamp training
  • Jaaxy SEO keyword research tool (30 free searches) *Unlimited searches for premium memebers
  • Affiliate program (You can promote and sell the program) A true earn while you learn program
  • 1 on 1 coaching (First 7 days) *Premium members have unlimited access.

These are just a few benefits out of many you get when joining with Wealthy Affiliate. To read them all read my full review, you can find the link above.

There are so many companies out there claiming you will make X amount of money in X amount of time. The problem with these claims is that results are all dependent on time and effort that one puts into his/her work. I might be able to start making money in a few months, but you might take a few years. This is one thing that really shows Wealthy Affiliates transparency. They never claim you WILL make a certain amount in a certain time, because it is all on you.

To give them a try and join for free with no obligation or C.C. to start you can click here.

Legendary Marketer

I will tell you about my experience with Lengendary Marketer. First off Legendary Marketer is a high ticket program which means if you buy into their learning platform you can become an Affiliate to market the program. This is pretty much what everyone does. They do teach you how to create multiple streams of income, but will usually tell you that the money is in high ticket sales done through promoting their program.

My personal experience with them goes like this.

I sign up to their 15 day challenge which is supposed to teach me the in’s and out’s of Affiliate Marketing and how to set up my “personalized” business model.

Upon signing up I receive the first “training” and I say this lightly because there really is not much training going on.

“The owner of Legendary Marketer, David Sharpe, was a co-founder of Empower Network, an online MLM which is now dead. Many people who invested in the expensive up sells just to promote the MLM, they lost their money.”

David first starts you off with an hour and a half long video of him talking about himself and how he was struggling as a construction worker driving a rust bucket Ford F-150. He was a drug addict and homeless too. He goes on to say how one day he got tired of his mediocre life and decided to make a change.

His story is very relate able for most Americans watching his video (Maybe not the drug addict part) but working a mediocre job and driving an old car wishing for a better life.

His bit about being homeless and addicted to drugs seems unnecessary and over the top, but I guess it makes his life changes more impactful.

So he goes on to talk about how he learned how to create his system and how he worked hard for several years before seeing any results. Now this part is true. You will have to work hard before you see any kind of results.

Now him talking your ear off about himself and providing no real value for over an hour is the first “training” video along with a few testimonials to watch and an audio to download. Again not much training going on.

By the way, this is day by day, so you have to just wait each day to move forward.

The second day he again talks about himself and finally provides a little training about finding your NICHE. If you are not sure what a niche is let me explain.

Training day 2

Taken from the Dictionary:

  • denoting or relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.
  • a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

If you would like to read more about what is Niche Marketing click here to read my full post.

This tiny bit of information he provides is followed up with more testimonials and another audio file to listen to which again doesn’t seem to be very helpful. To be completely honest all of it is just baiting you along and amping you up all the while providing nothing tangible to take with you.

Keep in mind you are not allowed to promote this product until you become a paid member.

The third day he goes on to talk more about himself and how he watched his father lose his job and his uncle loosing everything and he asks the question that everyone has fear of. He says “If you were to get fired today what would you fall back on?” This is a psychological approach which feeds on our fears. It makes us think to ourselves the burning question of what would I do? It creates panic.

Here is a screenshot from day 3. I want to make something perfectly clear here. The assignment 1 and 2 are videos of people just boasting about the program. They offer no real advice or help that will be of use.

Training day 3

Now the point he is trying to make is a valid one and that is creating multiple streams of income. Having a business model of being in not just one area of Affiliate Marketing, but getting into 4 different areas which I will get into in a minute.

Your daily tasks or “training” is to listen to him talk and pull on your heart strings along with more testimonials and another audio which is to prepare you for your 1 on 1 phone call to go over your personal business model.

(You are given a personal call to go over your personal business model on the 4th day) you can opt-in to have that call sooner, but I want to make something clear. This is more of a personal sales call then a business call to talk about your professional growth and how to operate your online business.

Lets be perfectly honest here

  • Think about this for a second. You are brand new to online marketing
  • You have no clue how to set up an auto-responder nor do you know about sales funnels

  • They want to set up a business call with you to talk about your plan of action after 4 days

The chances of you knowing what you want to do as an online business being brand new is going to be slim. The only thing you know is that you want to make money. You more than likely will not know your niche nor will you know how to put together your website or realize it is going to take serious effort and time to get something up and running, just like any business would.

On the 4th day David congratulates you on making it so far. He continues on to explain you need to take a “Digital Marketing Assesment Quiz” or DMAQ to find out your level of knowledge on online marketing and to create your “Business plan”.

Training day 4

I took this quiz and to be completely honest it was not a quiz, but rather a questionnaire. They ask questions if you know or don’t know what a sales funnel is or auto responder. They ask if you have experience in Affiliate Marketing and other questions of the like.

They also have you set up your call which I did too.

On to the 5th day. The call comes in, but when I tried to access my 5th day training it was still locked. To this day it is still locked, which makes me think it is more of a 4-day challenge and not a 15 day challenge.

So the associate “Sales guy” calls and we talk for literally about 5 minutes. There is no talk of a business model, but rather one about what I want to get out of this and that I will receive another email and to watch the video because this is where I am getting my personalized business plan. Also, I will be receiving another call the next day to go over everything.

This is where the buy now sales attack comes in. I get the email and check it out. It is not part of the training or the tasks, but rather a pitch by David himself going over his different programs which cost well into the thousands of dollars. (Remember I said this was a high ticket program)

He goes on to offer his program to you for a one time payment of over a thousand dollars. David says if you were to pay for each one individually it would cost in the thousands!!!

Here is a breakdown of his programs and how much they cost:

Marketing and Advertising

  • Marketers club $30 monthly
  • Traffic Rolodex $247 one time payment
  • Legendary Marketers book FREE (Shipping cost $29) so it is $29

Now here is a screenshot of the rundown of what they try to sell you through your “business model call” which is really just a 2 and a half hour long video that is simply a long-winded pitch. Price Sheet

I think it is a bit misleading to see the “Traffic Rolodex” being offered for $247 on the site, but here they are pushing it for $792. They claim that all of their courses are to cost $22,789 but you can get in for the low cost of only $2,500 within 24hrs.

Lets be honest with ourselves, who has $2,500 to just drop on a learning program that may or may not work for you.

Another thing their not telling you is you will need to pay for Click Funnels which cost about $100 on the cheap end and several hundred on the higher up end which is monthly. Also don’t forget the Auto-Responder service you need to pay for which can start at about $20 a month and the cost just goes up from there.

You are looking at thousands and thousands of dollars to get started with Legendary Marketer and there is NO guarantee you will even make a dime.

To be clear, this was supposed to be a 15 day challenge and I was only granted 4 days. Once they tried to call me back the second time I couldn’t pick up because my wife and I had an emergency to deal with. I emailed the associate and said sorry about not being able to pick up the call and I explained my situation.

Here is how the conversation went down:


So with that I decided this was not the best option for me. I did not feel as they really cared about my situation and was simply looking for a sale.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit?

In my opinion I believe both are legit. It is just a matter of which program offers more to the consumer and which company will you see results with.

In Wealthy Affiliate you don’t need a C.C. to join and get started with some of the training provided. They offer you 2 free websites to get you started and host them for you to begin your online success. 

Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate has been around for 14 years at time of writing this post and has over 1.4 million members. There is a free membership offer which will provide you enough information to get your websites up and running. They also offer an extremely affordable monthly membership which covers all the training and hosting for up to 50 websites which 25 of the websites are absolutely free to create. The other 25 are domain purchases you can make on your own through the site itself.

The best part of the program is it is completely transparent. They hide nothing and everything is upfront and on the table. There are no hidden costs or fees to pay and this program is a true earn while you learn program.

Meaning, the Affiliate program offered through Wealthy Affiliate works two ways. If you are a free member, you can promote the program and receive a commission through the sale of your hard work all while learning the ropes for free. The second method is if you are a paid member and promote the program you also receive a commission, but as a paid member you get paid 2X the amount as a free NON-PAYING member.

There is a community of like-minded individuals who are seeing success every day. You are able to communicate with them and share tips and tricks to optimized your site and marketing skills. There are live training classes offered to help you achieve your goals.

When you become a paid member of Wealthy Affiliate there are plugins which are available through WordPress at no cost. This means you can have landing pages, auto-responders, sociable links, and many more features (Tools) to work with.

I really do not think 1.4 million people would be wrong about Wealthy Affiliate, so do I think it is legit? 0 I do.

If you want to try it out for yourself just click this link right here to join for free and I even have a special sign up bonus for you if you decide to become a paid member. You can join as a paid member today for only $19 for the first month. If you don’t like it you can cancel anytime no hard feeling and I wish you the best. However like I said, it cost absolutely nothing to join and give it a try. NO C.C. to join and 2 free websites for life regardless if you decide to stay as a free non paying member.


Do I Think Legendary Marketer Is Legit

I do believe it is a legit company and I am sure it works for some, but it is priced very high and most people looking to supplement their income simply do not have $2,500 to pay along with all the rest of the bells and whistles.

I do not feel as tho the company has the best interest in mind for the people who sign up and it is all about trying to get you to pay that hefty $2,500 to join. I was thinking about paying the $30 monthly just so I could see more of this company and possibly promote it, but after that e-mail I chose it was in my best interest to stay away from these guys.

I am not into the fact that you can’t see all the pricing nor can you become an Affiliate unless you pay to join them. I feel like they are hiding something.

Would I recommend this program to you or anyone I know? Not likely for the fact that I didn’t see any real training nor do I feel it is an affordable option to most people.

I would much rather say that if you want value and proper training with tools to grow a business online you should checkout Wealthy Affiliate.


To sum it up, I had a bad experience with Legendary Marketer that left a bad taste in my mouth and I would not join them. I have seen many Affiliate Marketing programs and they all offer the same training.

It pretty much comes down to which service will offer the most amount of training and be affordable to people just starting out.

I think you know who my choice is and it is the best choice to go with being it is free to try and join up.

There is literally NOTHING to lose in this case.

Give it a try and if you don’t like it that’s fine it’s not for you.

Click the banner below to get started…

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below and I would be happy to get back to you.

I wish you all the best.

Aaron G.

Aaron and Tini Griffin

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