Shiny Object Syndrome

Shiny Object Syndrome

We all suffer from shiny object syndrome, but what is it?

Shiny Object Syndrome or SOS is an infliction of the mind which claims the livelihood of thousands of people in the online business community. It has been known to cripple the well-being of it’s victims by constantly introducing them to new and exciting things! New ways to make money, new marketing tools to use, new programs promising of a better life! These are just some of the tactics used by the SOS to confuse and disorientate it’s victim before it attacks.

Now if you haven’t noticed by now, I’m obviously making a joke here and creating a type of panic around Shiny Object Syndrome. Just hang with me as I explain this life threatening disease and it’s effects on the users of SOS. LOL…

Let’s take a look at why we have shiny object syndrome the reasons it is so bad and how to avoid it at all cost.

Make $1,000 A Day With This…


The title of this section is the perfect hook to bait you in. It would tell you something you want to hear then offer you a way to manifest what you want. If it were only that simple. Usually you will see a claim that is just too good to be true, like making $1,000 a day with no experience or work needed to do anything. This is a shiny object folks. It is usually just another B.S. pitch to get you to hand over money.

Now I am not saying it is bad to Market and try new ways to make the potential customer click or buy. What I am saying is this is something that caught your attention and you are seeking it out. Now finding something and seeking it out is fine too, what I am trying to get to is when you start chasing all of these ways to do something.

Examples are:

    • Lose weight
    • Make money online
    • Get out of debt
    • Bitcoin investment
    • Working from home
    • Learn a new skill

These are just a few examples in which you can get Shiny Object Syndrome. I see a lot of this in the make money online niche. There are literally thousands of different ways to make money online and hundreds of thousands of ways to achieve it. The problem lies when you find something and give it a try, then all of a sudden you see an Ad for another way to achieve the same results, then another way, then another. Next thing you know you have bought into 5 different ways to do the same thing. You were just a victim of SOS.

Just Looking Around

Just looking around

I already know what your going to say… You just want to shop around to find the best deal and value. Am I right?

Well here is the thing with that, Yeah it’s good to shop around and find the best deal and value, but you should do that from the beginning and you also need to take into consideration that you are being sold into a product or service. I myself have been the victim of this with learning programs. I am a member of Wealthy Affiliate which is an Affiliate Marketing learning platform. I, then joined ClickBank University which is essentially the same thing. Now I am paying for two learning platforms, learning the same thing. Do I think one is better than the other?? Checkout this post to find out by Clicking HERE

I learned my lesson there and dropped one of the platforms to focus on just one which has all the training and tools I need. When it comes to shopping around just be sure to do it first and then make a decision. You don’t want to buy into too many things because it can get expensive and you end up with the same results. Let’s say it’s a weight loss program that is going to show you a workout that cuts belly fat and helps control your appetite too. I don’t think your going to want to buy into two different programs giving the same workout and same advice on dieting. You will find one and stick with it.

What’s The Harm?

What?Here is the reason this type of behavior is bad for you. First off you will just jump from one thing to the next without follow through. If you do this you will never finish anything and more than likely never see results. I think if you really want to try something new, you should first master or complete the first lesson or program to get the maximum benefits from it before jumping to the “Next best thing”.

Can SOS really be this bad for me?

The answer is yes. Actions Lead To Results, and if you are too busy chasing things around you will never take action. Sure the intention is there, but the determination and commitment to complete is not. The best thing to do is find what works for you and stick with it. Let me explain a little more on this…


How Do I Protect Myself From SOS?Protect Yourself

The easiest way to do this is by not buying into everything you see and to stick with your original decision. There needs to be a level of understanding when you commit to a product or service that you will see it through or give it ample time to show results. Provided you have done this and you’re still not seeing the results you are expecting to see then it is perfectly fine to try something else out.

However, if you are hopping around from shiny object to shiny object then you could not only put holes in your pockets, but get frustrated and simply give up. Unfortunately this is the biggest outcome for people, they give up. The reason you give up is that you become disillusioned with the end result by thinking it will never come to fruition. In most cases if you continue to hop around then correct… It will never happen for you.

My Advice To You

My advice again is to simply find something you like and stick with it. Never give up and always remember that Actions Lead To Results.

You can accomplish a lot if you put your mind to it and focus. If you doubt yourself or others then you will only create a negative force that will follow you around. Confidence is important and so is good judgment and moral character.

Stay away from the get-rich-quick schemes, because they are all a bunch of lies. You will not get-rich-quick. It takes hard work and effort to make money online or lose weight or whatever it is you want to accomplish in life. Some things take longer than others, but don’t fall victim for the “easy” way out.

I hope this blog has helped you in some way and you see that Shiny Object Syndrome is real and can affect you or your friends or family. You should be careful of the outcome that SOS can create and proceed with caution to any type of business venture, diet or online hustle you are tying out.

I wish you all the best and thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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