Does Commission Hero Work (Is It A SCAM)

Does Commission Hero Work (Is It A SCAM)

Commission Hero

You may or may not have heard of Commission Hero and how it is helping thousands of people to make big commissions as an Affiliate Marketer. If you haven’t then that’s fine and if you have, but your not sure if it is legit or not then keep reading to find out if whether or not does Commission Hero work or (Is it a scam).

Robby Blanchard

Who Is Commission Hero?

Commission Hero claims to be Clickbank’s #1 Affiliate in the world. They claim you can earn $1,000 a day through Clickbank by using their 3 step system. Even, if you have no experience in Affiliate Marketing. They are also stating you can make this kind of money without a website or an email list, which in my opinion sounds off. I have always been told that the fortune is in the follow up and you should definitely have a website to feed information to your potential buyer at least if you’re not going to do email marketing.

Checkout a snapshot of Robby’s Daily and weekly earnings through ClickbankDaily EarningsWeekly EarningsResults may vary. Results are not typical.

This is a bold statement to make that you will make that kind of money without an email list or a website, but if you have a time tested proven system I say it is possible to make that kind of money and more in time. It will not happen overnight that’s a guarantee. And the way I believe they plan to teach you through direct sales using FB ads and other forms of paid advertisement. So who are they, let’s take a look at who is behind Commission Hero and what it is all about.

The owner of Commission Hero is Robby Blanchard and he is one of the best if not the best Affiliates with Clickbank. If you don’t know who or what Clickbank is Click here to read more about them and how you can learn the same way Robby did. So, Robby launched a program called Commission Hero. It is his own course he developed and it is to be a 3 step program that guides you through the same tips and techniques Robby learned so that you can start earning tremendous wealth.

what Does Robby Bring To The Table?

His program or course revolves around Clickbank sales and Facebook ads. It is pretty much direct sales because he tells you that you don’t need a website or an email list to do this. Now here is the problem I see with this program, first off if you are a beginner and have no knowledge of how Affiliate Marketing works then you are simply going to be losing money in Ad cost for a long time until you understand how this works. What does Robby bring to the table?

I would say the biggest hurdle you need to overcome if you are only doing the direct sale method using ads is that you need to learn Copywritting. If you do not know how to write an attractive compelling ad, you will struggle. This is where it is important to have a website and build an email list, otherwise you’re watching money slip through your fingers.

Let’s say you try this program and you are not to sure on how to write that perfect converting ad. Well if you put them through a sales funnel then they would opt-in to your email list, but Robby says you don’t need one. If they opt-in to your email list they are directed to your website, but again he says you can do this without one.

This is exactly what Robby’s course is going to show you:

    • The complete Commission Hero System ($3,997)
    • Complete done-for-you Landing pages ($997)
    • Access to the Commission Hero Coaching Group ($2,997)
    • Million Dollar Ad Images ($1,997)
    • Complete Facebook Super Affiliate Profits Training System ($497)

Bonuses included are:

    • Live training with the man himself at a $1,997 value
    • The Million Dollar Rolodex also at a $1,997 value
    • Ad account training another $1,997 value

He then drops the price down to only $997 or 2X payments of $597.00 

How Is This Going To Benefit You?

The hard reality of it is that it probably won’t. He will teach you how to sell Clickbank products and services, but only though ad marketing and with no safety net to fall back on. Is this the ideal program or course for beginners? Probably not.

He makes it seem so easy, and he shows screenshots of his earnings to hype you up (see screen shots above), but the truth is Affiliate Marketing is not easy and it takes a lot of know how and work to make it happen. Things simply won’t just fall into your lap and I would never recommend quitting your stable job until you’re making residual income to do so. Chances are you’re going to need that 9 to 5 job just to pay for your ad revenue.

The thing about Clickbank is that yes anyone can do it. It is free to create an account and no you do not need a website or an email list to promote products or services. However, with that said if you do not know exactly what you are doing you will be losing a lot of money and leaving a lot of money behind because you didn’t build an email list. People generally do not buy on the spot. It takes a buyer about 7 times of coming back to finally buy.

Is Commission Hero Legit?Is it Legit?

With this respect I say it is a legit program, because he does teach you how to sell Clickbank products and services. You will get training for your money, but will it lead you to success? Probably or probably not. I don’t think it is something a newbie should do. I believe you should start off learning the basics of how Affiliate Marketing works and you should choose a niche.

After you have chosen a niche and you know what you like or good at, then become an authority in that niche to provide value to what you are selling. You should have a website to educate and show people information based off of what they will purchase and with a website you can leverage free traffic rather than paid traffic. Once you have a website you can create an Auto-responder and build an email list to market other products and services to people who have shown interest in the past rather than just letting them slip away. Email marketing is very powerful and many successful Affiliates utilize this method. So is it legit? My answer is yes it is, but I don’t think it is a necessary option to new Affiliates especially at the cost.

My Alternative to Commission HeroWealthy Affiliate

If you are new to Affiliate Marketing and want to learn how it works and how to make long term residual income then I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. This is a true learning platform designed for Affiliates of all levels with a community of like-minded-individuals who are at the ready to help. The link I provide for this program will take you to my landing page where you can learn all about the company and why it would be right for you.

In addition to a community of over 1.4 million registered members you also receive free training on how to build your own customized website through WordPress. You get 2 free websites to build hosted by with training on how to set up a profit ready site.

The Wealthy Affiliate program is user friendly and also has Affiliate programs which you can join to sell and market products or services. In addition to a free profile and 2 free websites you also have access to SEO tools Jaaxy. This tool is going to be you key to gaining organic traffic to your site.

Checkout this list of benefits you get as a free member and as a paid member. (yes there is paid membership available) which is where you will really flourish and gain the knowledge necessary to become a super Affiliate.

There is no Credit Card to join and create a free account

I hope whatever you decide to do you success finds you on your journey. If you have any questions or comments, or if you are a member of either Commission Hero or Wealthy Affiliate and you want to share your experience please leave it below.

All the best.

Aaron. G

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