How To Make Money In 2019 In Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website

How To Make Money In 2019 In Affiliate Marketing With And Without A Website

I will show you how to start making money in 2019 through Affiliate Marketing by having a website and not having one.There are several ways to make money online in 2019, but it you want to be consistent then you need to read this post in full. Many people who want to start earning money from home think it’s quick and easy with little effort. There is a right way and a wrong way to make a living from the comfort of your home and live the laptop lifestyle. Let’s take a look at what you can do in 2019 to start making money online with and without a website through Affiliate Marketing.

Side Note: There are other ways to earn money online without a website, but in this post we are talking about Affiliate Marketing. I will talk about other ways you can earn good income without a site in another post coming soon.

With No Website

Being able to make income online through Affiliate Marketing can be quick and it could be long term. It really depends on if you want quick money with little stability or long term income by creating a business online. Now the way we are going to talk about making money is by becoming an Affiliate and to run FaceBook Ads, this does not require you to have a website if you are using ClickBank. <<<<

To do this you should understand that FaceBook Ads are extreamly compatible to targeted audiances. You would make an Ad purchase which best suits the demographics you are looking to target. You would be doing direct sales from Ad to offer. This is fine and could possibliy make you some decent money, but only if you know how the targeted Ads run.

Unfortuneatly with this method there is no follow up system and if you receive 1,000 people to click the link and they don’t buy then its pretty much a loss.

Another option for Direct sales is YouTube, which is a great way to get exposure in the form of video marketing for free. By having a YouTube channel you can talk about products, do reviews, compare products or services and even Vlog with direct links to the equipment you use to Vlog. This method will only work if you have a large following base or your videos are seen by many people. This is still a great way to market Affiliate links without a website and it cost you nothing.

Again I stress the importance of having a website, landing page, or opt-in form to become more successful in the future.

With A Website

So having a website is a better decission for the long term when it comes to making money. The reason I say this is because you can keep in contact with your visitors that come to your site through an opt-in email subscribing form. This will allow you to continue to send emails to the person who is possibly intersted in buying your product or service. You could advertise sales or market other related products and services to the individual.

Having a website also helps to build trust with the buyer, especially now when people are so worried about someone running off with their money.

While it’s not neccssary to have a site I think it is a smarter decission to get one. The “Fortune is in the follow up” which is an old motto I remember hearing when I was grinding it out in my sales office. It still holds true today. While people nowadays wants fast and quick for everything because time is valuble. The fact is people genreally do not buy on the first time. That would be called a “lay down” and it is rare. You need to build a relationship with someone, you need to groom that person, especially if your selling “high ticket” products and services.

The best way to do this is to build an email list, the best way to build a list is to have an opt-in page or landing page which captures emails in return for something…(ex. Enter your email to get the 7 FREE SECRETS to Marketing that the GURU’S are not telling you about) The idea is to get the email and then deliver the promiss you advertised. If you don’t deliver you are seen as a scammer and your emails will never get opened. Always over deliver and obviously there is more that goes into just an opt-in with a freebie…

That will be for another post. Or you can learn about all of this and more by getting started now

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It is free to join and test out the program out that teaches you all you need to know about starting your very own Affiliate Marketing business online.

YouTube Works


You can create a YouTube channel to sponsor or advertise your Affiliate links again at no cost to you. YouTube can generate a lot of income for yourself even if you only use it for traffic. You can also use YouTube to make money by gaining a lot of subscribers. There are a lot of benefits by creating a channel, but it is not easy. You need to learn how to make videos that people will want to watch and learn how to edit your videos too.

With YouTube you can market both ways either direct to product or service or link to opt-in to capture email. You can also simply link to website, whatever you want actually. It is very versatile and effective to use YouTube as a means to market or create content. I am working on “how to” tutorials and other projects like this one. I like to create written content for my blogs and video content for my YouTube channel then mesh them together. Be sure to subscribe to my YouTube channel by clicking the picture to get updated on all my video content that will be coming out to learn more on Affiliate Marketing.

FaceBook Groups and Ads


When it comes to working with no website and only direct links to Affiliate products or services you can promote or market through FaceBook. By creating a page based on your niche or services you are marketing is something that can be shared with the FaceBook community to market. When you have a page created through FaceBook you can also run Ad campaigns.

Having an Ad campaign allows you to place a direct link towards your Affiliate product. If you have a website you can link to the opt-in page too. You can post your website within other groups on FaceBook and create trending topic discussion through a FB group. If you have a YouTube channel you can also promote that too and I recommend it. I will be creating a post and video on how to make a FB Ad for direct sales soon. Be sure to click the picture to join my FB page @Griffin Lifestyle

What To Do To Get Started Now

Depending on how you want to earn your money will determine which direction you want to go in, I already recommended you get yourself a website to be able to grow an email list. This is the best and surefire way for success in the long term. If you do not want to go that route and try your luck with FaceBook Ads, then I would say you go to ClickBank and create an Account to get products and services within the Marketplace.

Once you have the Affiliate Links all you need to do is create an Ad with FaceBook. This again is a gamble and you will either make money or nothing at all with nothing to show for it. With having your own site you can at least try to capture an email for further marketing in the future if they don’t buy right away.

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Please leave a comment below if you have any questions or suggestions on what you would like to see in my future posts.

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