How to record your computer screen Using The IceCream App

How to record your computer screen Using The IceCream App

If you have ever wanted to make a tutorial for FREE showing what your doing on your computer without placing a camera pointing at your screen, but instead recording it directly from your screen then I have got your answer. Now first things first on how to record your computer screen. You need software that will do this, and there are many different options to get started. I will show you a free option to use and explain what you need to do to create a seamless video that can be as long as you want it to be. I will be posting a Video at the bottom of the screen that you can watch too.

Software needed

When I wanted to do this I had no idea what to even look for, but thanks to a few Google searches and YouTube videos I found what I feel is a perfect solution for me at this present time. At first, I thought my laptop had the ability to capture video of my screen, silly me. I quickly realized it can only take pictures through my webcam built in and that just wasn’t going to do. I also have a Go Pro camera but I want to show a “HOW TO” video directly from my screen. Besides when you film a computer the quality is never good no matter how Awesome your camera is. So I looked up how to record your computer and there is was, about a thousand links and videos. I just had to find the right one. 

I end up finding out I need software that will allow me to record my screen, but to be honest I really didn’t want to pay for it. I found out there is quite a bit of recording software available on the market and I chose “Icecream” which in my opinion works great for what I need. Icecream makes “sweet” and “tasty” recordings and you can download it for free. There is an option available to purchase for $29.95 as a one time cost which in my opinion is a great deal and I have already made that purchase which is how you will veiw the video below. I think this is the best try before you buy alternative and I am totally satisfied with the recording quality. So the video you see at the bottom of the screen will be recorded through the paid  version, but the quality is the same and with the paid version you can record without a water mark or add you own.

How does it work

It is really simple actually, You download the free software and RUN it through your hard drive creating a shortcut to your Display screen for easy access. Once, you have your software installed just click the ICON on your screen to open the app. It will prompt you to choose what size you want to record from your screen such as “full screen, custom area, last area, or Area auto detection” there are also options for “Android” and “i Phone” use. After, you have decided exactly what you want to record you prompt the record button thus giving you 3 seconds before recording. With the free version you have a full 5 minutes to record which would be perfect for a quick Marketing AD or FB video. There is a watermark on the bottom right corner of the screen which promotes the software you are using. If you are not happy with this or it seems like its in the way then you can purchase the software and there will no longer be a watermark. Also, when you buy the software you get a ton of advantages.

So, as you can see there are a ton of bonuses that come with buying the program which you can do in your own time. For now let me explain more on how to record using the free version and what you can do to make long videos like the one below.


So what I do when making a video that is longer than the 5 minutes allotted is I set up my timer and pace my verbiage to be able to stop and start along with the recording giving the impression its just one seamless video. (This is what I did before I bought the App) Now of course to do this you need some kind of editing software, which I use to piece the videos together. I use “VEGAS HOME MOVIE STUDIO” software which I bought at Best Buy for around $49 bucks. Click the link to buy it from Amazon. It’s not really all that expensive for what you will be able to accomplish.

Now once you have your editing software you are ready to import your videos, but you will have to convert your files to something the editing software can read.

I recommend you download another free app which is part of the IceCream family called “Icecream media converter”      

icecream media converter

Here you will be able to convert files which may be in a format that is not compatible with the editing software your using. Click the picture above to take you to (File Hippo) and recieve yours for free.    
Your going to want to watch the video below to see all the details, but this is a great tool to use for converting those files for YouTube videos.    
It’s really easy to use and the best part is its free. I do not see why you would need to purchase anything to convert when you have this.    

Why use the free stuff?

I say if you can try it before you buy it then that is a plus. This is kind of the same thing as trying before buying without the worry of wasting your money. Another reason to use the free stuff is because if you are starting out as a new YouTuber showing tutorials or videos, or your starting out with your own online business. You might not have the capital necessary to make purchases that might turn out bad. So the best reason for using the free stuff is because you simply do not have the money to buy the product yet. I do however highly recommend if you can afford it, try the free software and if you like it buy it. ry before you buy

Pros & Cons to Icecream

PROS: For the FREE Software

  • Free to download and use
  • Quality recording
  • Available software to convert files for free
  • Easy to use
  • Game capture
  • Audio and screenshot capabilities
  • Affordable to upgrade at a one time cost
  • Optional upload and record qualities
  • Edit length and trim
CONS: For FREE software
  • 5 Minute videos
  • Watermark on screen

The PROS really out weigh the CONS in this case.


Final Statement

For whatever reason you want to record your screen, I feel this software is one of the best and user-friendly recording apps out there. This is great to make tutorials if your trying to train somebody or show how to do something in great detail step-by-step. If you just want play around with videos this is also fun. While this software is free you do need to have an editing program, so that will cost you, but not a lot. All of these programs which cost something like the editing software and the upgraded version of Icecream are available through the links above.

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