Nobody Cares About Your Marketing

Nobody Cares About Your Marketing

Nobody cares about your marketing

Unless you have something that a person can relate to and resonate with, they simply don’t care. Nowadays it is much more difficult to get people to pay attention to what you are saying, selling, or writing. The truth is nobody cares about your marketing. You need to have a good story to share, and with the younger generation it needs to be relatable.

There needs to be a journey you will take the readers or listeners on. And with every great story there is a hero.

This is a story called the heroes journey and it starts right here, right now.

Our story revolves around a man named Jake and his struggles to make his life more complete and meaningful.

Once Upon A TimeOnce Upon A Time

Jake was at the kitchen table going over his bills when he realized this month was going to be harder than the last to keep up with. Jake worked hard and went to college, he got his degree in business and was married with a child on the way. He thought everything would be alright… He thought his job would provide for his family…He thought he could travel and live comfortably.

He soon realized he wouldn’t be able to travel or live comfortable, but instead he found himself working longer hours and trying odd jobs on the weekends. A man broken and unaware of his own doing had dug a hole so deep that it would take years of hard work and extra income to claw his way out of.

Jake, one day was on the verge of depression and insanity¬† and then he had a moment of self realization. He was scrolling through the Ads online and the Face Book groups when he stumbled upon an Ad that stuck out. It said the following…

Do you want to make a living working from home?

Do you want more time to spend with your loved ones?

Have you ever wanted to be your own boss?…. Now these questions intrigued Jake. He answered to himself YES! to all three. He wanted to work for himself, he went to business school, he loves his family and wants to provide, but how? How could he start? he is already in debt to his eyeballs.

The Ad went on to say…

Lean a viable skill that could teach you how to do exactly this… Jake thought to himself.

How could I afford anything else? Where do I find the time to learn a new skill that I have no clue about?

The Ad continues…

Join the learning platform today for free. Only pay the membership when your ready. Start training now.

This peeked Jake’s interest even more. So he signed up…

Learning Something New Today

Upon signing up Jake noticed there was a ton of benefits when you become a paid member. He saw they would give him two weeks as a free member to try out some of the features to premium membership. He loved this, Jake could now create his profile and fill out his goals. He felt a sense of being given a second chance, his curiosity led him to a website that is free to join and even gave him two free websites upon joining to get him started.Learning Something new

Now Jake was fully immersed in this learning platform. He started his first level of training and found out what a niche was as well as what his niche was. He enjoyed helping others, so his niche was providing reviews on different products that revolved around health and fitness. He enjoys working out and now with his new website up and running he felt a new purpose in life. He unfortunately came to an end on his free training and if he wanted to learn more there would have to be an upgrade to premium.

After seeking how well the learning platform has shown him how to build his own website and how great the community of other like-minded people are, Jake decided to make some budget cut backs on things he thought he could do without and went for the upgrade. His first month was only $19 and each month after was $49. There was an option to join annual, but he decided to wait until things got better for him to make that commitment.

After a few short weeks Jake now knew a good deal about online marketing and how to set up a website all customized to his liking. He was worried he would need to learn to code too, but seems everything nowadays is visual and a breeze to build.

Jake found he could work in his spare time a few hours a day and get quite a bit of the learning underway. Each time he learned something new he would write a blog about it in the community dashboard for other members to read. This helped Jake network and make good friends from all over the world.

He was doing well, and he was creating a lot of content when suddenly…

The Big Break

Jake woke up in the morning and checked his emails like he usually does. To his surprise he noticed one email in particular which read congratulations! You have received a payment. He was ecstatic and almost spit out his coffee, He opened the email to find out that one of his posts did so well it was indexed on the first page of Google with over 1,000 views a day.The Big Break

Jake is new to all of this, only a few months have passed, but with the knowledge he has received Jake was able to put together something that other people enjoyed and he got paid for it. He had his Affiliate links to his products and sold several. Jake was beaming with excitement and couldn’t wait to show his wife Sara.

This was just the beginning he said to his wife, she smiled and congratulated him on a job well done. With his new-found confidence Jake started writing more reviews. Sometimes 2 a day for weeks straight, he couldn’t help it. He saw what hard work could do and wanted more. He wanted to make his dreams a reality by learning everything he could.

Jake was so involved now with his website that he thought to himself “With this kind of success I could be my own boss soon”. That is exactly what happened to Jake, after a year of hard work and compromises, Jake finally was making enough money online that he could quit his job and work full time from home thus spending more time with his family and paying the bills on time.

With all of this knowledge I could help others do what I have…

Becoming The Teacher

Now that Jake was completely knowledgeable and making decent money online he thought he would be able to help others do the same thing. He decided to create another website dedicated to helping people make money online. He did the same things as before, but now he was working twice as hard to fulfill the requirement of both websites content.

Becoming the teacher

This didn’t bother Jake because he was working for himself and knew his hard work would pay off. He created sales funnels, email marketing follow-ups, he optimized his sites and posts, he created a coaching program and he even was able to take payments. Jake was on fire! he knew that if he could keep up this momentum he would be out of debt and able to do all the things he dreamed about before when he was broke and struggling.

His coaching program reached thousands of people and his marketing was spot on. Jake used all the methods he learned through his training and became one of the lead internet marketers out there. He didn’t let his fears get in his way and he pushed through all the things blocking him. His friends telling him it’s not worth it and his family telling him he should keep his job “just in case”. All of these people who didn’t have the faith in Jake and honestly thought he was wasting his time. Now they see his success and are asking him for advice.

They want to know what he knows. Jake said sure no problem… You can sign up for my class by going to my website, but hurry seating is limited!

What Have We Learned Today?

What we can take away from is that no matter what people say, no matter how difficult times are… There is a way to make your dreams come true.

Nowadays Jake is traveling the world giving seminars and signing up thousands of people a day through his website all because he followed his heart and yearning to become a better person. He didn’t let people get in his way or persuade him to think negative about something they have no clue about.

Jake is the representation of all of us. Jake is You, Me, Everyone.Never stop dreaming

We can all have what Jake has if you want it bad enough. You need to invest in yourself and learn something viable to make a real change. Doctors don’t just apply for the job claiming to know how to help the sick. They go to school and learn everything they can about the human body and disease to get credited as a Doctor first.

If you want to know what program Jake signed up for that taught him so much you can CLICK THE LINK HERE for more information.

This program could change your life like it did for Jake.

All the best,

Aaron G. Griffin Lifestyle

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Aaron and Tini Griffin

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