Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale

Closing The Sale

When you start off in sales you are usually hungry for that sale. You want to close the sale as quick as possible, but let me tell you it’s not always a good idea to get what’s called a “Lay down” (this refers to someone who is ready to buy-in right away) It can take time to get that sale especially your first one.

I will take you through a systematic approach to closing the sale through various ways of marketing. If you are in MLM, face to face or email marketing we will look at the different ways used to approach, provide information and close your sale for a lasting customer or client.

The Art Of The DealArt of the deal

Now, I am in NO ways promoting this book or the person who is on the cover, but I am promoting the methods used. The art of the deal is important to understand because it is an art form to be able to communicate and guide one to making a sale. It takes time and innovation to persuade someone that your product or service is better that the other guys.

If you are in online marketing then you should know there are millions of other people who are promoting and selling the same thing you are… So what makes you different? This is the question you should ask yourself.

Having something that makes you different and stand out is a good start to getting the attention you need to get your lead. Now is your lead an automatic sale? NO it is not. It is a potential customer and one you need to nurture and guide to the closing process.

You can be different by offering something to entice them to provide you with information like an email for future marketing. You also need to understand it takes someone usually 7 times of coming back to you before they decide to purchase (At least with online marketing)

I remember when I was in sales for Advertising I would “cold call” my leads and then pitch them to get there info asking a series of questions. Then I would provide them with information to go over before we spoke again. I would set up a time to call them back and would adhere to my scheduling. It is important to be punctual, people have things to do too.

Once I called them back and asked if they looked over the information I would usually have to schedule another time to call because now the spouse is involved so I’m pitching 2 people now. This is the reality of sales, but remember always be closing. Like in any sales you always want a call to action (CTA) whether it is asking them verbally if they are ready to “get the ball rolling” or if it is in your email marketing with a CTA link.

Providing information is the key to a good relationship with your potential customer. You need to turn your visitors into buyers and you will only do this if they trust you.

When it comes to online marketing you should be setting up a funnel or capture page/landing page with an offer of free information to whoever provides their email. You will need this email for providing more information and building your trust. The one thing I will say when it comes to making a deal is knowing when to “take it away” that’s right… remove the offer from the customer. This creates a feeling of missing out (FOMO) and it will make the customer think this is the last chance I have to sign up or join or purchase whatever it is you have.

Another method used is the “count down” this is a simple timer set up on your landing page which counts down to when your offer expires. This makes the customer feel as if they need to get in or get left behind, another (FOMO) tactic. I do not really endorse this type of close because it shows a bit of desperation, but it can work and if you have already provided the lead with plenty of information to make a decision then I think it’s OK to push for the close.

Lets talk more about marketing online and how you should set up your sales page and funnel to get them to the offer.

The Set UPSet up

When it comes to selling online you can approach it a few diffrent ways. You have the direct sales approach which works, but your left with people asking more questions about what you’re selling and more likely to bounce out or just be a looky-loo. The one thing you don’t want to have is hundreds of people go through your links and not give you an email for future information to sell them.

With direct sales, and why this approach is wrong in my opinion is because you’re sending people through a link usually from an Ad or capture page directly to the offer. Now, if you’re selling a product like a book or electrical equipment or anything physical through Amazon then this is fine. But even if it is a physical product an email could be great to have to market other product to them in the future which relate to what they bought from you already. However, if you’re selling a marketing course or a learning platform or coaching program then you want to hold their hand the whole way to the sale to insure they have complete knowledge of what is being sold.

This means you need to give them all the information you can. To do this you should create a sales funnel or landing page which has an opt-in to capture their email in return for free information that they would want.

Once you have the email you can feed them small bits of valuable information to prepare them for the service you are going to close them on. I do not recommend you have CTA in the first or second email, but the 3rd email should have a CTA link to close the sale. If they do not proceed to the CTA then that’s OK you have a follow up email providing more information.

I also recommend you have videos in your emails too, this is very helpful to the customer. People pay more attention to a video than they do to reading an email. It is proven that video CTA have a higher CTR (Click through rate) than text emails.

So, now that you have your sales funnel and opt-in you have gathered the emails and are sending follow up emails to your potential buyers. How to get them to close is the hard part, but if you follow my instructions you may have a higher chance.

Getting Them To YesGetting them to yes

Getting them to agree to the product of service is the hard part. Having them click your link to the funnel is not too difficult, but you should apply some good “Copy writing skills“. What I mean is the first thing they will see is a capture page or opt-in which will prompt them to click and provide email information. You should have the right words in place and this goes the same for the titles of your emails. If your titles are boring or generic like “CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE” it might not be good enough. Titles like ” CHANGE YOUR LIFE WITH THIS METHOD HERE” these are trigger words, like “SECRET or DISCOVER” Also you could say “DID YOU GET THIS? or IMPORTANT” these words create curiosity. There are so many trigger words out there you can use, but don’t be boring or too vague.

Offer bonuses like PDF, VIDEO tutorials, REPORTS, FREE FIRST LESSON COACHING and even discounts with a proof of purchase for Private mentor ship. There are many ways to get the visitor to become a buyer it just takes time, planning, a good product or service and follow up.

To give away free content as a bonus you could look up using Google or Wiki How to answer some questions in a PDF format or create a video. Just if you get any information from Google or Wiki I recommend you re-write the information in your own words and taylor it to their needs. Do not steal someone else hard work to pass off as your own. This is a big NO in the internet marketing world and you can be in trouble if you do this.

Now that you have your system set up and you are creating content for your future customers you can focus on marketing your links and landing pages to get the traffic coming in. This is something that could take time to get flowing in the right direction. There are a million ways to get traffic for free and the best traffic you want is organic traffic coming in from visitors through Google searches.

These are people specifically looking for what you have to offer and are not just clicking on your link because you posted an Ad in FB or on IG saying “Make Money Now” or “This Product Could Save Your Life”. The people who click on these types of Ads are just window shopping and if you’re running paid Ads could end up costing you lots of money.

You also want to have internal links in your site to lead people to useful and helpful information that can potentially sell more products and services along the way. Like if you want to learn about a service I offer that is a marketing tool for any business online you can checkout Kartra This is an all in one done for you marketing tool that will save you time and money in running your own online business.

Learn How To Get StartedHow to get started

If you are serious about becoming an online entreprenueur and either don’t know much about creating a business online. Even if you’re experienced but want to broaden your knowledge on marketing, promoting, selling, blog writing, and more you can start with the program that has taught me so much called Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a learning platform that teaches you from A to Z and is free to join and create a profile with 1.4 million other members. There are many learning platforms available online, but this one I found to be the best for the cost and the information is bar none to everything else I have seen.

There is another learning platform I have tried and received a ton of information from and I think it is very useful and it is called ClickBank University. They offer almost the same as Wealthy Affiliate, but have a few more options for the online marketer.

I honestly say thanks to these two learning platforms and ongoing education through training I have learned a lot about online marketing and Affiliate Marketing. The programs offered here are perfect for beginners because the both offer visual learning and have great help desks to point you in the right direction. They are both unique and different at the same time because they are run by different people, but they are successful people none-the-less and you can walk away with some important lessons learned.

If you would like to read more about each product in another post I wrote before trying them out I recommend you Click Here before getting started. You don’t want to miss out on my offer to join Wealthy Affiliate now for only $19 for the first month.

ConclusionTake notes

To recap on how to close the sale lets look again at my points for action.

  • Create your sales funnel/landing page
  • Have an opt-in to capture emails
  • Offer something for free to acquire the email
  • Email marketing means to follow up with information
  • CTA in the 3rd email and offer videos
  • Take it away or count down to ending offer
  • Provide content and internal links to build value and trust
  • Alway be closing but not pushy

These are the methods used to help you close the sale and make repeat sales. It can work if you apply it the right way and you have the proper training or education which you can get through one of my links above.

There is nothing more satisfying than closing that first deal because once you do that you know more is to come. Get out there learn a viable skill to internet marketing and close that sale. You can do it and nobody is stopping you, but you!

All the best and if you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Aaron G.

Griffin Lifestyle

“Actions Lead To Results”

Aaron and Tini Griffin

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