Wealthy Affiliate (The Truth)

Wealthy Affiliate (The Truth)

Let’s Learn The Truth About Wealthy Affiliate

So you are probably here because you want to know if Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal or a scam like so many other “Learning Programs” that teach you how to start and grow an online business. Well let’s take a look at Wealthy Affiliate in its entirety and Let’s learn the truth about Wealthy Affiliate.

This is a question that many ask and a lot of people want to know (can you become successful through the teachings of Wealthy Affiliate)?

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate? Wealthy Affiliate

Where did this company come from? and when?

Wealthy Affiliate is a company based out of Canada by two entrepreneurs named Kyle and Carson. This dynamic duo created this learning platform about 14 years ago and keeps going strong. What is offered from Wealthy Affiliate is education, but much more than that. They also offer site hosting, a community of members for networking, excellent customer service and site service. They also offer you 2 free websites when you join for free. The membership to join and create a profile is absolutely free, however there is a cost to go premium. I will get into that in a bit, but first lets see who else is involved with this company.

In addition to Kyle and Carson you also have a few more core members that make it all possible for us to achieve our goals in life as an Affiliate. There is KC he is programming chief and he is responsible for many of the innovations that take place on a technology point of view. Then there is Aaron, He is Technology chief and he is responsible for making Wealthy Affiliate run as efficient as possible. “Which is pretty smooth if you ask me”

Finally we have Jay, He is the training chief and in charge of the live video training sessions that paid members have the privilege to take part in. He also has one of the most straight forward answers to any question which is very respectable and appreciated.

So this is the core team and they have more folks behind the Sean to make it all happen for their 1.4 million plus users. They have a huge and impressive number of people who are committed to learn how to be Super Affiliates and make their dreams come true by working from home or anywhere with an internet connection.

What Do They Offer What do they offer

So what makes them so appealing? Why do they have so many people signed up with them?

Well looking at what they offer to their premium members and the benefits you get when you join for free are outstanding. There is the 2 free websites given which make this an appealing offer, They are hosted through SiteRubix which is Wealthy Affiliates exclusive free hosting service. You can always change the URL from the free site to buying a domain and creating your own URL. If you are confused about that it’s OK. You can learn more by joining for free.

Next you are welcomed into a huge community of people which is like a live chat + blog spot for its members to share ideas and progress. This is great for those looking to network and meet like-minded individuals. The training they offer is bar none the easiest to follow and understand. They literally have step-by-step walk through videos to follow.

The training comes in phases and upon joining you are welcomed to start the first phase of training so you can build your own customized website.

To see all the other benefits in addition “Because there are a lot” CLICK HERE to read the benefits of joining Wealthy Affiliate.

Why Choose Wealthy Affiliate? why choose Wealthy Affiliate

Why choose them? Again it takes us back to what they offer. The perks of joining Wealthy Affiliate are far beyond what you would expect to receive from any other company to learn about something.

The training is great and perfect for newbies to understand. They give you 2 separate forms of training specific for affiliate products and affiliate programs. That’s another bonus their payout for commissions is 2X the amount when you sign up a new member to the wealthy Affiliate team. (as long as you are premium member) Non paid members can still receive a commission when advertising the learning platform.

I have seen other learning platforms and they usually talk in Jargon which is fine for me now, but when I was first trying to learn all of this I had no clue what was being said. With Wealthy Affiliate I never had a problem and anything I didn’t understand was answered by the community of affiliates in the program.

Realistic expectations, with the group here they don’t promise you thousands of dollars in a week or any of that “Get-rich-quick” B.S. because they tell you straight up this is not one of those types of programs. I think being forward and telling people what to expect and realistically setting goals which can be achieved through hard work is important in any business.

There are so many other attributes to Wealthy Affiliate that the best way to truly see them is to visit their site for yourself. It will cost you nothing to do so. Give it a shot! >>CLICK HERE<<

Is It Easy To Build A Website? website

With Wealthy Affiliate it is easier than easy to build a website. They walk you through the whole process and everything is visual. There is no coding necessary, but you can code if you know how or you have some code you want to enter into your site. Everything with Wealthy Affiliate is easy to do with no technological skills needed.

Now does this mean do not learn about this stuff because its easy? NO you should learn about it.

They have thousands of free themes and plug-ins available to their members. The ability to have thousands of plugins for you to use within your site is amazing! it makes a boring normal site turn into an exciting customized site that can do almost anything you want it to do. If the plug-ins were not available then you would need to do hours of code and know all the fancy technological things that most people don’t know. After all you’re trying to build an online business, not just a website…right?

Get Started

So now you know that Wealthy Affiliate has nothing to hide and they are one ofgetting started the top leading learning platforms for Affiliate Marketing. You can get started right here by going to the link I will provide for you. Wealthy Affiliate is a genuine company trying to help others achieve their goals in life.

They offer a free program to start and create a free profile. This is followed up with a 7day trial of trying out some of the premium member benefits. After the 7days you are still eligible to keep your 2 free websites and promoting of the program itself if you like.

Going premium however is a bit different and has a host of benefits along with unlocking all levels of training which is where you will get the most from. Also, as a paid member you have access to plugins for your WordPress website. It is totally worth it. Just being able to have all the plugins and theme changes you like is worth the cost of the monthly fee to Wealthy Affiliate. I always say if its free give it a shot and if you have to pay then make sure its worth it. I think you will see this learning program is more than worth it.

To get started>>>>CLICK THE LINK<<<<

If you have any questions you want to ask me please leave a comment below.

All the best!

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