3 Steps To A Successful Online Business

3 Steps To A Successful Online Business

Making The Right Choice In Affiliate Marketing

A 3 Step Guide To A Successful Online Business

When you decide to start your own online business you will be making some important decisions. The choices you make will determine if you will be successful or not. We will look at the 3 choices you need to make and the understanding to run an online business. This is a 3 step guide to a successful online business.

Some of the things you need to figure out right away when getting into Affiliate Marketing is what Niche you want to get into and promote.

Picking the right Niche is a difficult choice and there are only a select few niches on the market that do really well. This doesn’t mean that you niche in dog collars isn’t going to sell, it just means that there are popular niches and then there are popular niches.

1. Choosing the right Nichechoices

This is where it begins, Which niche are you going to choose? what is right for you? what do you like to do? This needs to be established before you can move forward. Knowing what direction you are taking and what you want to sell, promote or be involved in is a hard one to figure out. I always say do what you love to do. If you love working out then you might want to join the health and fitness niche. To learn what a NICHE is >>>CLICK HERE<<< to read my post.

What are the best niche ideas you might be wondering… Well I say to get involved in a niche that you are familiar with and know something about, but you could always learn too. So in my opinion the 3 best niche ideas are health, wealth, and romance.

These 3 niches dominate the market and have millions of people promoting their products and services. They are most searched niches and the easiest to sell. How many times have you received an email or have seen an Ad about a health product, a work from home idea or a dating site?

This is why sometimes it is more of a benefit if you find a niche you are very familiar with and have passion in. You can easily build up business by talking about what you love and promoting products or services based around it. If you like to travel and have seen many places then get into the travel niche. If you love cooking and have recipes you can get into the cooking niche and possible write a recipe book to market.

There are many ways to market a niche, but which niche is right for you? this is the question you need to ask yourself. And don’t worry about if people will want to come to you for advice, products or service. If you market correctly and have the right information then they will come… just be patient.

2. Investing In YourselfInvesting in yourself

Too many times have I seen on FaceBook groups people wanting to make money online and start their own business, but then they all say with “NO INVESTMENT”. This drives me crazy! how could someone honestly think they can start a business online without some kind of investment whether it is monetary or educational.

To start a business online, especially for someone who is just starting out needs to learn how things are done. You need to take the time to educate yourself on things you do not know yet. Unless you have already went to school to learn about business management, web design, email marketing, online marketing, copy writing, and sales online then you need to invest in yourself. It is the harsh reality of starting your own online business and if your not prepared to at the very least invest in yourself to learn a viable skill then you will fail.

I have seen it time and time again, People who post on a FaceBook Group saying “I’m broke and need an online job, I need $50 by tomorrow” These type of people are the ones that fall for the Get-rich-quick scam. They are promised a shiny object and they go for it. Some of them even know in the back of their heads that what they are doing is wrong, but instead of put in the work, time and effort it takes to build something properly to make real money, they hand over their last $50 or $100 to the guy/girl who says they will double, tipple, or even quadruple their “investment”. This is no investment folks, sorry to break it to you.

You have got to think smart and educate yourself in something that you can offer back to people. You need to show value for what you can provide. You need to be a problem solver not creator of problems. Their learning program I suggest you try is called Wealthy Affiliate it is free to join with an option for paid membership which opens the doors to all the education you need.

Now before you scream SCAM because it has a paid membership I want you to read this post about them and see for yourself if it is a scam or not >>>CLICK TO READ MY POST<<<. Remember folks this too is a business and nobody in their right minds are going to give you the keys to their house for free. You want the right education you have got to pay for it. Think of it as a University, School cost money and what you will learn through this program is worth every penny. Besides, it is very affordable.

Did I mention it comes with 2 free websites just for joining the community which is free to join. The paid service is for people who are serious about making money. Like I said you need to invest in yourself.

3. Actions Lead To Resultssuccess

This is my motto “Actions Lead To Results” I am a firm believer in this saying here. I truly feel that no matter how much knowledge you have or background in online marketing, it doesn’t mean a damn if you don’t apply it. You need to take action and that means whatever you gotta do you do it.

Maybe you have all the good intentions to start an online business, but all you do is talk about it. Perhaps you have joined a learning platform, but you never started the training or even studied. These are the habits of a lazy person, and a lazy person will never succeed in the online world. There is too much competition for you to sit around thinking about making money. You need to get off your ass and do it! You need to work twice as hard as the other guy to become successful.

Anyone that ever said they just sit back and make money is full of it. It doesn’t work that way, maybe after years of hard work and dedication you can get to the point in your business where you have everyone doing the work for you. This can happen in time, lot of time. You need to work, work, and work some more. You need to take ACTION.

I know this isn’t something you want to hear, but I’m giving it to you straight. Who do you think wrote this post you’re reading now? I wish I had hired someone to do it for me, but I am just not their…yet. In time, I will be and everything will be fully automated with employees that do everything for me including writing my content.

This is the vision and in time, I will achieve it, but for now I am letting my Actions Lead To My Results.

And you should too. You will never amount to anything sitting on the couch and watching YouTube videos every day. Trust me. Even the people who look like they are doing the bare minimum to make money online are working their asses off.

Be A Problem Solverbe a problem solver

This is not a step in the ladder of success, but rather a tip you should really pay close attention to.

In order to truly have longterm success you need to be a problem solver. You need to recognize a problem and create the solution to it. Even if this means your giving away something for free just to build confidence and trust with your potential buyer or client. Giving something for free is a magnet towards your success and in the long term people will continue to come back to you and tell others.

It can be anything that relates to their problem. Let’s say someone is having trouble losing belly fat and your niche is health and fitness. In this case you could point them in the direction of a free PDF or video for a belly burning workout. However, you would do something to the effect of I scratch your back you scratch mine. You can offer the free advice or an email in return or a referral.

Are you doing something wrong by asking for an email, NO WAY ! You are simply offering your expertise in return for an email and it cost them nothing.

Now what you can do with the email is email marketing, You can follow up with them with more free information and then provide an offer. You don’t want to try to sell them right away. To read more on email marketing >>>CLICK HERE<<< to read my post.

All The Best

So I hope you have gotten some good advice and tips which could easily work for you as long as you apply yourself. There must be a level of dedication to what you are doing and understanding that this kinda stuff takes time to build up. The links I am providing to you are not get-rich-quick scheme, but rather learning platforms that will teach you the right way to create an online business with hard work and dedication. There is a lot of information to cover about this topic, but you can read more of my posts to broaden your education and understanding of how this works.

Again if you are serious and want to start a learning platform which is absolutely free to join you can >>>CLICK HERE<<< to get started. Keep in mind to join it’s free and the 2 websites are free, but to get the whole training program it does cost a monthly subscription which is very, very affordable and totally worth it, especially if you take my advice to invest in yourself.

You will thank me later for making the decision to join. I hope to see you on the other side and welcome you to my invitation to the Wealthy Affiliate program. 

Aaron G. (Griffin Lifestyle)

“Actions Lead To Results

Aaron and Tini Griffin

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