4 Hang Ups That Will Get You Stuck

4 Hang Ups That Will Get You Stuck

We Like To Psych Ourselves Out

As humans we love to mess with our minds and psych ourselves out when it comes to trying something new or getting involved with something risky. Most people fail as Affiliate marketers and for some of the reasons you will read here. We all feel and think that we can do anything we put our minds too, but when we leave our brains to it’s own devices you will find there 4 hang ups that will get you stuck.

Don’t Compare Yourself With Anyone Else

When we are in a situation where we start thinking about what the other guy is doing, we start to compare ourselves to him/her. This can be the death of us and for good reason. Who cares what the other guy is doing, wearing, driving, going or anything else. Who cares! the only thing you should be carrying about is where you’re going and doing. Don't compare yourself with others

Do not compare yourself to the other person when you see him/her flash their paycheck online in social media. Good for them and one day it will be you, that’s the mind set you should have. You need to realize that thinking and comparing you to someone else is only holding you back from who you could be.

You have no identity when you are always trying to be someone you’re not. Focus on what your doing and where you’re planning on being down the road. With social media all over the place and everyone on Instagram and Snapchat or FaceBook it is easy to show off. The thing is most of the time what they are showing off is just a mirage, it’s not even real.

Forget about the life of someone that is not you and only focus on what you’re doing because you’re the one that will one day buy that new car new house or Rolex watch. You are not the guy that you’re comparing yourself too worry about yourself.

Stop Buying Into The Negative Feedback

When you start getting into creating blogs, videos and content on social media you will run into “trolls”. These people will bash your content or recommend you do it this way or that way, but they don’t even have the real life experience themselves. They have a ton of suggestions and no statistics. Stop listening to the internet trolls

There are old friends and family members that might tell you not to pursue getting into an online business or that is sound “fishy”. These people fear what they no nothing about and only tell you not to do it because if you do become successful they would feel envy because they didn’t do it first.

I know that sounds a bit harsh, but it’s the truth. A lot of things that you can do so that you won’t be bothered with negative comments are, turning off comments to your channel, ignoring them or you could just not tell them anything. Having people whispering negative comments in your ear can be mentally draining and difficult to listen to.

Some people think they have all the answers, but have never been in your shoes. If you are dealing with an internet troll you could just block them. If it is family that could be a little harder than just blocking and this is why I recommend you just try not to say anything. Do not even let them see a video, ever.

One of the biggest ways to get stuck is buying into the negative B.S. people try to throw your way. It is easy to feel doubt and failure when you are being told you need to this and that or you look funny on camera. These kinds of things are an irritant and I say just do you and don’t worry what other people say.

Unrealistic Reality Will Hold You Back

This is a big problem with people trying to start their own online business and it is Unrealistic Reality and goals. This will definitely hold you back when you see a post that says join now and make $10,000 in 2 months! that’s just straight B.S. The only way you’re making that kind of money is if you have been working at it for several years and I mean several, and now you can make that much money.

You can not, out of the gate make a ton of money. It is unrealistic and making money online is NOT easy to do! I am so sick of seeing these fake Gurus saying you can make thousands of dollars in a week or month or even a year. The reality is you might not make a dime for quite some time like a year maybe 2 years. This is the time when you need to just work as much as you can and put the effort in.

Here is the thing tho, How can you work and work if you need to learn about it first. This is one reason why it takes a long time to make money online. People who want to learn this have to be taught and need the skills to do so. If you have the determination and will to make it happen then you most certainly can. I usually hear of people who said they were about to quit, but stuck in there a little longer and are so glad they did.

This will bring me to the 4th Hang Up which is being impatient with time and results.

Impatient With Time & ResultsImpatient with time and results

So many people want the answer right now. They just can’t wait or don’t want to wait. The problem here is when you are impatient you can not truly see the full potential and start to think that it is just a scam. While there are a lot of scams out there, I can assure you the program I have membership is not one of them.

You can’t be impatient with your time because it is going to take time to seriously make, and see results. The problem with all these fake “rich” people who made their fortune online is that they are not rich or successful from online, but social media has created this disillusion with what the real world has to offer. This also gives the sense of “I need it now” and you simply can not wait.

I would rather wait and reach my success the right way than cheat the system or drop out of what I’m doing because I was impatient. With time come results, so you need to put in the time and reap the benefits of your hard work. Let me tell you a little story about a friend of mine.

Let me tell you a little about a friend of mine who

is a member of an Affiliate program that I too have joined

This friend (we will call her Sarah) had been living a

paycheck to paycheck routine most of her life like many of


She barely had enough money to feed her kids and pay for her

gas at the end of the month. Now like you, she was looking

for a way out and live the life she has always dreamed

of living.

Sarah had stumbled upon a learning program while looking

online for ways to make additional income. She came across

the same program I am going to showing you.

This learning program which is Affiliate based has changed

her life for the better. She started off with the free membership

for 7 days and it opened her eyes to the possibilities

of being able to escape the rat race.

Sarah didn’t know anything about online marketing or

Affiliate Marketing, but after joining and starting her

first phase of training (which is offered for free).

Sarah had her own website up and running by her third day.

She was diligent and committed to changing her situation.

The program offered her 2 free websites when she joined.

With all the help from the Affiliate community, she

got all the answers she needed.

By the end of her free trial Sarah was convinced this was

the right choice. She upgraded to being a premium memebr

and never looked back.

It has been over a year now and she consistently makes

over $1,500 a month in additional income by working part-time on her websites and promoting her Affiliate links.

She continues to grow her wealth and plans of quitting

her job by the end of this year to work full time

on her online business.

This story is just one example of thousands of people who are making

additional income and even full time income by

learning a viable skill that can bring her real

income over and over again.

To make money online it takes hard work and dedication

to make it happen. You need to know how online marketing works

and you need to learn many different methods to become


I am going to give it to you straight here and let you

know that this is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but an

honest way to get the education you need and tools to

make money online.

The best thing to invest in is yourself and understand that it does take some time to make an impact. If, Sarah would have given up within her first few months then she would still be working at her dead end job struggling to pay her bills.

“Ones best success comes after one’s greatest disappointments

Just hang in there and keep pushing forward. Do not let time get in your way or discourage you. Some people wait years before they see any results and most people give up before they see the results even tho they were right around the corner.

Final Thoughts

Lets look back on what we learned today

People get hung up on the wrong things like comparing themselves to other people. The only person you want to compare yourself to is you. Looking at your former self and watching the progress is what you want to do, not watching others and thinking you need to be just like them. You do you is the best advice I can give you about this one.

Buying into negative feedback is a huge set back that people fall for all the time. Listening to others negative comments will be the death of you. Who cares what these people are saying? If, they are not lifting you up then they are bringing you down. I had an experience where I sent out a bunch of emails to people who subscribed through my website. I received a notification that someone had unsubscribed from my list. They went on to say “How did my email even get here” and “Why would I subscribe to this” now anyone knows that the only way to get your name on a list is to subscribe, unless you have been sold to someone as a lead. I can promise you I did not buy his information as a lead.

Now I could have gotten all bent out of shape about this, but I shrugged it off and moved on. This is a small scale instance of negativity. I know I will get so much more now that I have a YouTube channel, but I really don’t care because people will hate. That is just the way it is and if you can’t handle the trolls and haters you need to either turn off all notifications and comments or just never read them.

Unrealistic reality is a problem for people too, you have it in your head that your going to be a millionaire in a few months of posting some blogs or running an Ad on Facebook? This is not going to happen that I can guarantee. You need to work your ass off and maybe if your lucky you will see some money after a year of hard work. Have I seen people make money in less time? yes of course I have, but that is because they followed all the training in the learning program I will share with you here. They also have worked diligently and produced content every day because they were determined to be successful. What I;m saying to you is be realistic with yourself and know it will take some time to see results.

Being Impatient with time and giving up too soon is a problem you need to know and avoid. Stick with the program and be true to yourself and you can go far. Don’t let little setbacks get in your was and remember that success is right around the corner you just have to keep going and never give up.

Where can you learn the techniques to become successful in Affiliate Marketing?

>>>>CLICK HERE to learn more about my learning platform that will teach you from the very beginning how to become successful online surrounded by like-minded individuals. The program is free to join and they will offer you 2 free websites just for joining. There is a premium option to become a premium member after you 7 day trial is over. Give it a try you have nothing to lose and you get a website out of it. No C.C. required to join and create your profile.

I wish you all the best and never give up! If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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 4 Hang ups that will get you stuck

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