FaceBook Ads For Affiliate Marketers

FaceBook Ads For Affiliate Marketers

How to create FaceBook Ads for Affiliate Marketers

When you are involved with Affiliate marketing there are several ways to go about promoting and marketing your product or service. One way that you can do this is through FaceBook Ads, and it is very simple to do. I will explain how you can create an Ad to market your product or service.

This is a how to create FaceBook Ads for Affiliate Marketers tutorial and I will include a video at the bottom of the screen so you can see how to do this step-by-step.

This is a make money opportunity, but I recommend you read the FaceBook terms and conditions before starting to create your Ad. Depending on what Affiliate Marketing offer you are promoting, your account could get shut down if you don’t understand the terms and conditions of FaceBook.

I can show you content on how to create the Ad, but it’s your job to do your own research and read the terms and conditions before you create the Ad as not to waste time.

What is your Niche?What is your Niche

to know what a niche is before we can figure out what our own niche would be. Click the link to learn in detail about what is a niche.

The short answer is: A niche is a specialized segment of the market for a particular kind of product or service.

The first step is to figure out what product or service you will be promoting and you should ask yourself who your audience?

Who do you want to get this product in front of? You need to figure out the demographics of customers and their interest. Depending on what your niche is will determine the age of your customers, the gender and the location. There are two things that will determine if your Ad is going to be successful or not.

1. Are you getting the right Ad in front of the right people?

2. Are sending the right message and are they listening?

You need to determine what niche your going to be promoting to target the right audience. Like any niche there is a problem that needs to be solved. By creating this problem in your sales copy you can also provide a solution.

Creating your Ad

So first you want to go to Create Ads and choose Traffic. Creating your Ad

You want to run an Ad towards a lead magnet like an (e-book) and you want to set up a 3 step sales funnel process. E-book/Capture page, Bridge page, CTA or sales page. You need to be careful with how you run your Ads because FaceBook will shut down your account if you are sending them directly to the Affiliate offer. There are some Affiliate offers that FaceBook doesn’t care if you send them directly to like Amazon associate links.

If your not familiar with sales funnels I recommend you learn about them and run your affiliate links through a funnel to capture emails for future follow up with people who do not buy right away. You can learn more about sales funnels by clicking the link.

When creating your Ad it is important to create the Ad to “drive traffic” you do not want to choose “engagement” unless you have a specific Ad that your running. When you’re creating this Ad you also want to be targeting the right people so, you will see “Detailed Target” This is where you can reach out to people who share the same interest as what you are promoting.

This is important because you definitely do not want to market something to someone and they share NO interest. That would be wasting Ad revenue. Making sure the age and location is correct too, because if it is something geared towards younger men in their 20s who live in California, but you’re marketing your Ad to 60 year old women who live in New Mexico then you’re missing your mark.

You need to know your audience and know who you’re marketing too.

So your going to fill out the Demographics of your Ad and the “detailed targeting” by typing in something specific that other people follow. A page they like and make sure it will relate to them and your niche/product.

Now you will go to the “Edit my Placements” You never want to have automatic placements, so go through platforms and check off or on what you want to target here. You want to “hyper target” your Ads.

Next is “Budget” so, you will need to know what your budget is to spend with Ads. I would say $5 a day would be a good amount to spend on your Ads until you can figure out what your CPC (calls per click) then when you start making income from your Ads you can scale them to make more money.

After you have figured out budget, you need to know “Format” Single image is great for story Ads and there is an option to choose free images, but I highly recommend you use one of your own. Next is including your URL, this can be the website you will use to direct the buyer, or the link to your capture page, sales funnel/landing page or “CTA call to action”.

Do not forget to name your Ad.

Now lets get into the content of your Ad.

Content for your Ad

You need to make an attention grabbing headline, you can ask a question or call out a problem. Something that hits them on an emotional level so you can provide a solution, but make sure you are offering value and good advice to help. After the headline you will include your text or story. Make sure you write something that is compelling and don’t be afraid to make it long and detailed. Content for your Ad

Content is King and you should have a good amount of it there to get your point across and get the interest of the reader to click on your link to take them to your sales funnel or capture page to get an email. There is saying that says “Fortune is in the follow up”. This is absolutely true and because it usually takes several points of contact to close a deal you really need to follow up with email marketing.

Your content should tell a story, ask a question and solve a problem. You are asking a question that is personal, for example if you are in the make money niche like I am you could say “Are you tired of not making money online?” This can be relate able to many people who are in my same niche or people who want to learn how to make money online.

I would write a story telling how I was once in their same position, but then I found a program that guided me in the right direction to make the income I needed to be happy in my life. “This is the solution

Now, with a compelling story and an audience whom I can relate to the question becomes a solvable solution and the reader would click on the link to learn more, or receive the free e-book. Remember you need to have a lead magnet in place to draw in the email and have something to follow up on.

When you’re using images like I said you can choose one from stock, but I recommend you pick your own image. It is not only more intimate with your reader, but using your own picture is better in search engines than stock photo.

So, now that you have your content created and you are happy with your story you can include your description. Let’s look over the points of what you need.

  • Know your audience
  • Create your target audience through demographics
  • Create the Ad copy/ Story

These are the main points or creating a successful Ad on FaceBook. There are a few more things I should bring up such as once you are driving traffic to your Ad then you should watch your CPC (Cost per click). If you are getting 50cents per Click and you invested $50 then it shows you need a sale within your first 100 clicks to break even.

Remember this, people who don’t buy up front will usually get followed up on through an email marketing follow up series that you can benefit from. Once you have everything in place you can click confirm and your Ad is complete. 

I wish you all the best, If you have any questions or comments please leave them down below in the comment section. 

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Aaron G. 

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Watch the video here to see it visually.




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