Face Book Groups (And why to stay away)

Face Book Groups (And why to stay away)

Do You Belong To A Face Book Group?

There are so many “Make money Face Book groups out there it makes it hard to find a good one with honest people. With every group there are hundreds if not thousand’s of scammers and people who expect to “make money online” without doing anything to earn it. Do you belong to Face Book groups?

It seems people have this idea that making money online is easy… Well, it’s not.

Don’t be fooled people! Wake up. To make money online you need to work for it. There is no magic app that is going to pay you thousand’s of dollars for nothing. If they are real they won’t pay you in the time frame most people are claiming, like within 48hrs or $500 every day. This is just ridiculous.

The Watching Videos Scam (Watch and Earn app)

People are claiming you can make over $400 a week just for watching videos online. If this is the case where do I sign up! Guys this screams scam and typically it is an app (available for Android) that says you could watch videos and get paid. So you are supposed to be able to watch videos and earn points or coins to redeem for an Amazon gift card, Google play or paid out to your PayPal. The denominations are in $2 $5 and $10 dollars and they say your going to get your payout within 48hrs, but Ive yet to receive payment. I tried this app and it is ridiculous how much you have to watch to get enough to make a dollar. It takes 1000 coins to make $1 and the videos are usually around 30 coins per video. There is also an offer wall that is supposed to pay you to download other apps. They have a play and earn, so you can play games and earn.

Video watching scam from FB group

This is also an International app because if you chose PayPal it does ask what denomination you wish to be paid in. My overall experience is that this is a scam and you will never make $500 a week unless you are watching videos all day every day and even still I doubt you will even get your pay out. This is just one of the many scams out there. Another watch video scam involves taking surveys and watching videos as part of the survey. I did try another app which I can’t remember the name of, but I tried it and every time I tried to choose one of the high payout options it said it wasn’t available at this time and to try again later. I did try later again and again and it never let me do it, all it would do is recommend me to a survey with a payout of about 50 cents.

Don’t fall for this garbage guys and don’t be so desperate to make money online.

Instagram Money Flip Scam

This one has been around for a while, but people are still failing for this crap. People are claiming if you send them $100 or $200 all the way up to $800 they will flip your money and simply add a zero to the end of what you sent making it thousand’s. If you fall for this I hate to say it, but you deserve to get scammed. This has got to be the dumbest and most desperate display of greed I have ever seen, If you honestly think someone will just give you 10x the amount for absolutely nothing your insane. There is no investment here and in most cases the scammer claims he has someone who works for “Western Union” and all they have to do is add a zero then send it back to you. Dont be so Desperate

As soon as you send that money, you are blocked and you never hear from them again. This scam had started on Instagram with the hashtag #moneyflip and usually their wall is plastered in people holding up cash or videos of people counting cash. Look, how could you send someone money with no investment towards anything expect to receive thousand’s back!? this is crazy! Don’t be fooled people. This is now evolving into the BTC scam which I’m going to talk about next. And this one can be a little more dangerous because it involves your bitcoin wallet.

BTC Scam

Now with this one I have a personal story I will share (no I didn’t get scammed) I did call out the scammer and made him reveal his face to me. What is this scam all about?

There are people who say they will invest your money and turn it into Bitcoin by the thousand’s day in and day out. With the craze of Bitcoin this is the perfect opportunity for these guys to take your money. There are real investors out there, but they typically don’t hang around or advertise in Face Book groups. Here is how the scam works, they post in a group claiming you can turn an “Investment” of as little as $200 into over $5,000 in just a week then every week they will bring in thousand’s for you automatically. Now I do believe with true investments you can make money and reinvest, but this is just a bunch of hot air being blown up you A$$.

The dangerous part about this is they ask for your Coinbase wallet information so they can handle your account and input your payments. First off if a “broker” ever asks for this information you should never give it to him its like giving them the keys to your house and car. They will take and can take everything you got, even if they say you can just change your password don’t do it. They could still access your account through the browser that they originally opened your account with especially if they save it. Just don’t do it.

I have a personal story I told you I was going to share with you. One day I was on a Face Book group because I occasionally will post my links to give people something real to look at when I got a private message for this guy. He said “would you like to invest in Bitcoin”? I naturally said No thank you because I know most if not all of these guys are scammers. His response was incredible, he said and I quote “You done Fu#ked Up” I couldn’t believe this guy. I responded with “you really should learn how to talk to people if you’re trying to get business”. He quickly messaged me back saying he was sorry and how nice it was to meet me. He then said “come on man, I want to get you in on this”. At this point I had already looked up his profile and immediately noticed something was wrong. He had 3 friends and 3 pictures, almost as if he just made this account to scam people.

This is where things got interesting, I asked to face time him because I wanted to see who I was talking to if I would do business with them. His greed got the better of him because he agreed and I wasn’t planning on doing any business with him, I just wanted to see the face of a scammer. I called him and he picks up, but I can’t see anything the lights were turned off and it was pitch black. I said to him “I can’t see you” so he says we are mining in the dark. Now I don’t know much about mining bitcoin, but it just sounded made up to me. I then said go outside so I can see you, so he said he would call me back in 10 minutes. He called me back in 2 minutes and again it was dark, I coundn’t see his face.scammers fake account

I told him to go into the light and then he backs up or he took his finger off the camera and he all of a sudden is outside. I then get a good look at him, and guess what? He looked nothing like his profile picture. I proceeded to call him a scammer and ask why he was doing this, all he could do was smile and laugh. I then said you’re scamming people and I was going to put you out there and let everyone know that your a scammer which I did. Here is a picture of his “Profile” the guy who is in the picture is not him and unfortunately had his pictures stolen so this guy could make a fake account.

Earn Easy Commissions (Copy Paste Scam)

Now this isn’t a scam per se, but it falls in the Face Book scams because it involves copy and paste on Ads like this one I will show you.

Now it is not a scam because you can earn some commissions by referring people to join the company and you receive a commission for each person who joins up. The thing that makes these types of jobs a scam is the fact it is telling you that you can make a ridiculous amount of money doing it and by only working a few hours a day. copy paste scam

I wish it was that easy and all you had to do was work 1 or 2 hours a day to make over $1,000 a week, but that just won’t happen. You really need to be spamming the shit out of Face Book groups and Pintrest or other Instagram to make any kind of money. They do pay out and it is legit, but I just don’t see how you could make as much money as people are claiming. Besides all your doing is re-posting the same Ad or post that prompted you to click on to join up. You earn I think you earn $1 per referral, but if you get enough people to join and jump through the hopes you could make some money. It is free to start and they do offer a paid member option to increase your referral commissions. So why not give it a try.

Here is there payout schedule:

  • Note #1: All Qualified Member Commissions have a minimum payout of $20. All other commissions are paid without a minimum, as they occur.
  • Note #2: Commissions are paid weekly on a Thursday (AEST). If your commissions are over $20 and are still on hold after Friday (AEST), we are probably just confirming payout details with you and have emailed you about it.

If you want to try this out for yourself and think it might work for you then click on the picture to join up and become an Affiliate to start copying and pasting away. Who knows this might be your thing.



You Have Got To Work

To make any kind of real money online you have got to put in the effort. Money doesn’t fall from the sky or appear out of thin air. Even if you decide to try the copy and paste thing, you will still spend hours spamming social media to make some kind of money. Too many people want something for nothing or they want everything to be free.Dont be so quick

There will always be some form of payment involved to either learn more about the internet job you are trying out or the education you will get in return. Once you can accept this you will be on your way to trying something out that might actually make you real money online.

Just like this post says here. “If y’all wasn’t so DESPERATE to find these free jobs you probably wouldn’t be getting scammed” So true.

Don’t think making money online is easy because it’s not. It takes time and effort to actually make something happen for yourself. It takes content and knowledge of marketing, sales funnels, SEO, and a bunch of other skills that you should learn. Now if you are serious about learning these skills I can point you in the right direction.

I have a learning platform that will teach you from the beginning to the end on how to start your own website and how to create content. They will show you everything you need about internet marketing and how to leverage social media to gain traffic organically. There is also a community of people who are doing the same thing and have tons of information. There are over 1.4 million members of this Affiliate program.

Join A Real Program To Make Money

This is a true earn while you learn opportunity to become a successful online entrepreneur and super Affiliate. The program is called Wealthy Affiliate and they have been in business for over 14 years. They have over 1.4 million members and only positive reviews to back them up. The program is free to join and they have two programs. The free one for the beginners, so that you can get an idea of if it is right for you. Then they have the paid membership for the serious people who want to make money online.

The free program will give you 2 free websites just for joining along with basic training on how to set up your customized site. There are other benefits to the starter program and to check them out read my post here on Wealthy Affiliate the truth.

There are a ton of perks that come with the paid membership. To join you don’t need a credit card and it is perfect for the beginner just starting out. This doesn’t mean its not good for the experienced too, it is for everyone. Give it a try and join today all you have to do is


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