Content is KING

Content is KING

The importance of content

Have you ever heard “Content is king”?

If you are in sales or marketing you probably have. In this business it sure crazy how much content you need to make an impact. Content comes in many forms, from writing to speaking to video and more. Content is needed to pass information on to the person listening, watching or reading.

The quality of the content is important, If you are not writing at least 1,000 words your content is not seen as very good. It will still be indexed, but never really viewed by the masses. If your content is only 300 words you might not even be indexed.

Whilst the length of your content is important, so is the relation of linking texts from one post to another. Another aspect is relevance of your content. Are you talking about current and trending topics? Are you writing reviews on the latest topics? All of these factor into good quality content.

Video content is also important to explain a lot in a short amount of time. Most people nowadays would rather watch a video than read a blog post. It doesn’t mean you don’t need to have writing skills and valuable content in the form of a blog. Pod casts are popular too for people on the go or just want to listen in. You can also do live webinars which you are able to answer questions. The same goes for video, you can go live and talk to people directly.

Writing A Blog

This form of content is time tested and still extremely popular with everybody. Blogs incorporate a vital role in your websites appearance and ability to pass on information. Although video is making a strong break through and with most people so busy with their lives a 3-minute video explaining something or giving a pitch is easier to digest that reading over 1,000 words in a blog.

Blogs will always remain and carry a lot of weight when it comes to being indexed through a search engine, not to mention typing in a keyword will provide the reader with a list of information to choose from. Perhaps one day in the future all of this will change and it will be only video and auditory, but for now reading is an integral part of finding the solution to their problem.

When you write your blog it is usually a review or information about a product or service you are promoting. You can say a lot of important facts and give great ideas through a blog with visual aid. Writing your blog should be enjoyable and be long enough to answer the readers query. You also need to write enough to fulfill the requirement of becoming indexed within a search engine. This is usually over 300 words and the more the better. CLICK HERE to read a post on how to write a blog for beginners.

One tip I can give you is this:

If you are writing about a subject that seems to be trending, you could do a bit of research on titles for keywords. After you have found a keyword ranked in the number one spot of a search engine you should go to that blog and see how many words were written. What you want to do is write more, and you want to be linking your blog to other posts which have a relevance to the subject matter.

This will help you in the battle for that number one spot on a search engine. You want to become an authority in your niche with lots of information to appease the reader and help solve their problem. Remember you are a problem solver!

Now writing is always a tired and true method, but what about video? People are turning to YouTube now to find the answers they seek. YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine next to Google and people flock to it simply due to its easy to follow and understand videos. As long as the quality and sound is good in a video it can be more interactive, entertaining, easy to understand, and quicker than a blog.

I firmly believe you should do both. Having a blog and YouTube channel is great, not to mention you can gain free traffic with a YouTube channel.

YouTube ContentYouTube

Having a YouTube channel can be either fun and easy for you to do, or it can be terrifying and very difficult. This all depend on whether you like and feel comfortable being on camera. I am still not completely comfortable being on camera, but I am trying. I created a YouTube channel to give step-by-step video tutorials on “how to” stuff for Affiliate Marketers starting out and with experience.

Things could get expensive too.

You can always film using your phone camera, but if you want to do tutorials and record your screen you need the software to do so. Then you have editing your film which is another cost to buy good editing software. Finally, the hurdles of YouTube are camera equipment. If you want quality film and start vlogging regularly you should get a good camera to do so.

All of these obstacles might sound like its too much trouble, but in reality you can start off slowly like I did. I used a free screen recording device at first and then bought the full package to have unlimited recording time. Next I bought a microphone for better quality when recording my voice. Finally, I bought the camera (Cannon M100) to do my vlogging and that was the most expensive tool I purchased. Like I said you can start off slowly and work you way up.

The editing software I bought a while ago, so that I already had and didn’t need to worry about it.

I truly believe YouTube content is a wonderful way to share with your audience and keep them engaged in what your trying to say as long as you can captivate them and not be boring. It might take a little while to get used to being on the camera and you might be self-conscious, but don’t let that stop you from making it happen.

Another great way to offer maximum content is to include a video into your blog. Like the one at the bottom of this post.  

Vision Board Content (Social Media IG)Vision Board Social Media

Some people like to give a vision of what they are trying to say in the form of a vision board. This is done through social media either Instagram, Pintrest, snap chat, or anything else which is visual. Now a picture can say a lot, but with the help of programs like “Canva” you can include text onto your pictures and send a powerful message compelling the viewer to click your link.

Just like YouTube, having a vision board or image to tell your story is becoming to norm of today. People are turning more to the videos and pictures to find the answers they seek. Now it is obvious you can not give a tutorial on a vision board, but you can peek interest enough for the viewer to click the link that takes them to the tutorial, landing page, sales funnel, opt-in, or blog to learn more.

This is the objective with the vision board. To lead them to the link and have them get used to clicking your links all the way to the sale or whatever it is you wish to accomplish.

One of the best things about content is there can never be enough and you can incorporate all forms into your marketing. They can all interlink to each other to really drive your point across to them.

Podcast Content/Live WebinarPodcast

Here is the best way to personally interact with your audience and answer questions which might need answers to. You could get hundreds of people if not thousands depending on your followers to listen in on your podcast. You could run an Ad for people to opt-in to your live webinar where you will be answering questions and going over a marketing method or promo product you might have to get people to join. This is a very effective way to market too.

People like live interaction because it makes you more credible and there is a sense of instant gratification to being able to ask and be answered immediately. Technically this is a form of content that is best when consumed live, but an instant replay could be made available and should be.

Usually this specific style of promoting content, either products or in this case usually services are made aware of in advance and there is some marketing or advertising which goes into this style to attract as many people you can to join the Podcast/Webinar.

Either way this is a great form of providing content and when you have your blog, videos, and social media intact and are receiving followers and readers I recommend you give this a try.

Which Content Is King?Content is King

At the end of the day no one type of content is king here. As long as you produce content then that is what truly matters. Some hate writing and do videos, some people hate being on camera and love writing so they do blogging. Some people love to talk so they opt for the podcast, and some people love social media so they create vision boards linking you to products and services.

You see it takes all kinds and you gotta fit in where your feel, most comfortable. If you don’t mind doing all the above then I recommend you try all methods and really get that content out there. The more content you create the better off your going to be. When you write content in a blog, you should always prepare to write more than you originally planned for. Double up your content. Let’s say you normally write 3 blogs a week, you should be writing 6. You’re making videos 2 a week, make 4 a week. Double up whatever it is you are doing. The key to success in this type of industry is to out work the other guy.

If you truly want to see results you need to work harder with better content and diligence than the next guy. Wake up earlier, research harder, write more, video more, create more, do everything you can to become successful. The moment you slip up and become relaxed is the moment you failed.

Don’t take this out of context, I’m not saying you can’t enjoy your life. What I am saying is devote your “work time” to working and being the best you can. When work is over relax and live a modest life until you have become so successful that you can leverage other peoples time to work for you and you enjoy your new-found life as you’ve always dreamed it to be.

I wish you all the very best and absolute success in everything you do.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

Aaron G.

Griffin Lifestyle

“Actions Lead To Results”


Aaron and Tini Griffin


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