How Do You Create A YouTube Channel…?

How Do You Create A YouTube Channel…?

This is a good question… How do you create a YouTube channel? and Why?

If you are building an online business or your into Affiliate Marketing then you would want to do a few things using YouTube. First you would want to brand yourself or company name. Second you want to promote and drive traffic to your website. Let’s take a look at how to create a YouTube channel and the best ways to promote it to get free traffic to your website.

1.9 Billion Users On YouTube

YouTube users

There are a lot of people watching videos every day and all day on YouTube. 400 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Almost 5 Billion videos are watched everyday on YouTube. The demographics show that on an average month 8/10 -18 to 49 year old people watch YouTube. On mobile devices alone 18 to 49 year old people are watching more YouTube than broadcast or cable T.V. networks. In fact p of YouTube views are from mobile devices. The average time spent watching videos per person is over 40 minutes. On average, there are 1Billion videos being watched per day on mobile devices.

All of these statistics are to prove one thing. YouTube is becoming a natural place for people to get their entertainment and watch “How to” videos. YouTube has become the second largest search engine next to Google. People are not putting in as much care for high budget programs rather watching down to earth everyday lives or simple short videos created by people like you and me. You don’t need much to create a YouTube video and all of this is good for two reasons.

1. Audience reach through video content, build and share videos.

2. Audience reach through video Ads, build and buy ads on YouTube.

Why Is Important To Use YouTube

Watching YouTube

Society is shifting from reading content to watching it. This doesn’t mean that blogging is dead, not at all. It is just telling us that people have shorter attention spans and things which can be consumed through a video are more likely to be viewed than read. Most people have so much going on they would rather watch a 3-minute video explaining an idea or procedure rather than read a thousand word blog about it.

Don’t think that now you have to give up writing your articles and reviews on your blog and go straight to Vlogging and video creation. YouTube can aid in your blogs and embedding a video in your blog can simply drive your point home. Or it gives someone the option to watch the video if they don’t feel like reading your whole blog. It is important to use YouTube as a tool in conjunction with other things or ways in which to share content. Having a YouTube channel is just giving you the ability to resource another platform to reach the masses which will gain you free traffic.

KeyWords For YouTube & How To RankKeywords

When searching for Keywords for YouTube it is important that you keep it simple and build off of a phrase. Look at it like this… You could lets say type into the search bar (Ways To Make $100 a day) then from that you could say $100 a day, make $100 a day or make money online ($100 a day) and so on. You can take the title and include that into your “Tags” for YouTube which is kinda the same thing as your Meta Keywords for a blog.

You also want to include your title into your description and add a link to your blog if you have one based on that video. You want to provide as much relevance as possible. There are other things that could be done too like having your video liked and shared. If someone embeds your video it helps and leaves a comment, this will all lead to better ranking than a video that has a good title, but nothing else.

Keep in mind that YouTube is the worlds second largest search engine next to Google and many people use it to look for information rather than just watching videos for entertainment.

There are Keyword search tools available to find competition and ranking power, but when you are just starting out you shouldn’t concern yourself with paying for these tools because they could get expensive. I think you should simply create content and add tags that are relevant with the title and link “Cards” to other videos that also have relevance. Adding a link and a proper description helps too.

How To Create Your Channel

How to create your YouTube channel is fairly simple.

  1. First think about what you want your channel to be based on. Is it trendy, entertainment, motivational, or perhaps in this case it would be (Educational) and personal blogs. You would be providing reviews and or giving information about a product or service to market.
  2. Once you have your idea and thought of a good name for your channel you need to create a Gmail account.
  3. After creating the Gmail account all you need to do is click on your icon to show a drop down menu which will show you a (creator studio) Tab. You click on that and you will then see a gear icon to click which will show you setting tab and from there you will begin your YouTube channel and it really is that simple. It is a simple process as long as you follow the prompts.
  4. After you have your channel set up you will want to make your channel pleasing to the eye by creating some channel art. This is where you make your home page customized to fit your brand or style to showcase to the world. Once you have that you will want to upload a video.

Making Videos

YouTube filming

Uploading your first video can be a scary feeling. You might think your no good at making videos or you don’t like your appearance on camera. Let me tell you this, you don’t need to worry about this. You may be shy, but you will get used to uploading and it will become second nature to you. It doesn’t matter what others think about you or the way you look or talk. What matters is you are doing what you love and you’re helping people achieve their goals or learn something new.

Now that that is out of the way and your ready to make a video. You want to figure out what you want to record. I recommend you start with an intro about yourself and what your intentions are. This way you get a feeling for being on camera and you can learn from your mistakes. You will also be able to thank people for joining your channel and watching your videos. Ask them to subscribe and like the video. Ask them to share and leave a comment.

The way to post your first video is pretty easy. After you film yourself and you did some editing you will notice a camera icon on your homepage to your channel. You click the camera icon and it will say upload video. After you upload your video you can add your tags and description before you publish it. There is also another option to add a custom thumbnail which will grab the viewer’s attention and you can make those on Canva.

These are the basics to YouTube and it will help you with your marketing and being able to leverage free traffic to your website. If you want to learn more on how to get free traffic to your website click here to read my post.

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