The Best Ways Of How To Make Money Online

The Best Ways Of How To Make Money Online

There are many ways to make money online everything from MLM, Remote jobs, Blogging, Video Blogging, Freelance, surveys, and much more. I remember when the best way to make money was with e-bay. Don’t get me wrong e-bay is still a great way to sell your products or personal items online. There are just so many other ways to make money online today! Let’s learn about a few of them. These are some of the best ways of how to make money online.

Can You Make Money From YouTube

I believe it is possible, just the only thing is that you will need a lot of subscribers to make any money that is substantial. I guess you can look at it like anything in life, If you put the work in then you will succeed. The one thing I would have to say about having a YouTube Channel is that you could make a video that goes viral and you receive a ton of likes and “subs”. This would all be amazing, and it is totally possible.Camera Man

The downside of this is its too competitive, like most things online are. I have also heard that YouTube penalizes its users and demonetizes there videos. That really sucks especially when you worked really hard on your video just to have it taken down or penalized for something stupid. You don’t have to be Paul Logan or RiceGum to have a Channel and make money. There are some really good you tubers out there, my favorites are The Omar Gosh T.V. And The Fam. (links to there channels are in the discription)


How Can You Make Money With Online Surveys

Online surveys are conducted to save money on marketing by narrowing down there demographics to target who they want to sell and what they want to sell to you. I remember when I was younger I would take online surveys to receive gift cards and free items sent in the mail. Did I make any real money, No. I did do a few surveys in person which one I remember was a beer tasting for Samuel Adams beer! That was fun and it paid well too! Hoe Online Surveys Work


I will say this, as for extra income or just to get some extra free stuff its great! Just make sure you are participating in a Legit survey that’s going to Pay. Be careful of the $1000 gift card scam from Walmart. Its not real. Another scam is stuffing envelope’s from home or building something. These are all types of SCAMS. How can you make money with online surveys is simple, go to or These have been pretty reliable.

Does Drop Shipping Work

Drop Shipping work like this, You have an Online store, and the drop shipping is a supply chain management method in which the retailer (that’s you) does not keep the products in stock. You would rather transfer the customers orders and shipment information to either the manufacture or a wholesaler, who then sends the products directly to the customer. Now you are probably wondering to yourself is drop shipping worth it? Drop shipping diagram

While there are pros to drop shipping like being able to work from home, and be your own boss. That is always nice. The market is growing and Drop shipping is becoming more and more popular. There’s little to no cost to start up and no over head (no product) to store. The cons of Drop shipping can be No control over product quality, your putting trust in a third party to handle the shipping of your orders. If your Drop shipping service sells poor quality products it will reflect on you. Another problem with having a drop shipping store would be that it’s is easy to do! too easy, which means high competition.

Create Free Blog Website

You Could Start a Blog! This is a great way to make extra money online and even a career. You can become an Authority and valuable source of information for Journalist to use towards research for there articles. You Can build your own website and talk about anything you are passionate about! Joining an Affiliate program will help you promote products and monetize your site. You can place AdSense on your website and you will have advertisements that if clicked on you get paid!

Starting and maintaining your Own blog site can be very rewarding! It does take hard work and dedication with long hours and patience. I say anything that is good will take hard work and long hours with CONTENT. If there was one piece of advice I could give you with starting your own blog would be Content! the more the better I say, it leads to better Ranking which leads to better traffic and so on. If you are looking to start your own blog or website check out and start building your own website and blog for FREE.

Online Stock Trading Worth It ?

This form of making money is definitely worth it! when you know what your doing. I wouldn’t just join E-trade and throw a bunch of money at what I know nothing about. With this you want to hire a broker, the broker will assist you in what you can invest in, when to buy and when to sell. There are two types of investments you can make when you’re talking stocks. There’s the Common Stock, and The Preferred stock. Stock Market Graph

Common stock is usually what you hear about, it represents ownership in a company and claims a stake in the profits. There’s also ownership of the company and a board of members appointed by the majority Holders. History has shown us that common stock has higher return than most other investments. The Preferred stock is a little different in the sense of ownership in a company, it’s usually about the voting rights or lack of with preferred stock. Investors are usually guaranteed a fixed dividend, unlike the common stock. The preferred stock doesn’t usually offer the same appreciation in stock price. Which means an overall lower risk and return. One main advantage is that if a company is going bankrupt the shareholders are paid off before the common share holder. (but still after debt holders)

what it takes to make money online

From what I know personally, It takes a lot of hard work and determination. You have to treat your online business like a job you would be going to normally. That’s right! you should be putting in 40 hours a week on your online business or Blog if your looking for traffic. If you don’t have traffic you can’t make money, that’s just simple logic. You could pay lots of money for Ads and an SEO, or you could learn how to build your own website and be in control of your own Keywords and your own future.

I know your saying, I can’t build a website! I don’t have the skill! I don’t have the knowledge! What if I told you that I can send you to the right place to learn everything about building your own website along with thousands of other like-minded individuals all there to help each other out. Not only will you learn how to build a website, but also get great hoasting provided through WordPress all for FREE! This program is hands down the BEST Affiliate Marketing Program Out there! Not too mention the most affordable to start! Its FREE!! Check out the banner below to get started.




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